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CII - Triveni Water Institute

Water is the life force of all nature

India has 16% of the world’s people and only 4% of its freshwater resources. In recent years, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Most projections suggest that India is racing towards becoming the world’s third largest economy by 2050. Water is one variable that could halt India’s march to economic greatness. By 2050, India might have only half the water it needs. Against this background CII has launched the CII-Triveni Water Institute - A Centre of Excellence on Water.

“The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our children. So we have to hand over to them at least as it was handed over to us.” Mahatma Gandhi


Enabling India to make substantial progress towards achieving water security by 2022.

Core Purpose

To transform water conservation and management in India by changing the mind-set and behaviour of stakeholders resulting in more effective and sustainable water management practices at the grassroots level.

About Us

CII-TRIVENI Water Institute, the first of its kind in the world where government, industry and civil society have come together to address the water related issues in a holistic manner. One among CII’s ten acclaimed Centers of Excellence, CII-Triveni Water Institute focusses on water and waste water management in industrial, domestic,agricultural and environmental sectors.

The Water Institute is planning to set up offices in Delhi, Jaipur, Pune and Bangalore.

Approach to water management

The scope of the Institute is broad, dealing with all water related issues in India. However, initially the Institute will focus on one of the greatest challenges facing social and economic development: the availability and equitable distribution of limited fresh water resources to secure food, energy and water for future generations.

The Water Institute works towards water security for end users in the following domains:

  • Domestic sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Agricultural sector
  • Environmental sector

The Water Institute adopts an integrated approach to achieve its vision and core purpose by:

  • Creating awareness among all stakeholders on water conservation and management
  • Providing recommendations to the government at both Centre and State levels on water policy
  • Offering advisory services to all sectors on water conservation and management
  • Conducting conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs involving government, industry, municipalities, financial Institutions, NGO’s, international partners and agencies
  • Develop a platform for information exchange on water to enable next practices, promoting joint ventures, delegations and networking


As a public-private partnership the Water Institute converges initiatives of government, industry, and civil society for water management at regional, national and international level. It engages with all stakeholders for predefined, result-oriented outcomes.

  National Partners
  • State and Central Government
  International Partners
  • Water Industry Alliance,South Australia
  • Cleantech Switzerland
  • State of Israel, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
  • IFC, USAID, Netherlands – Expressed interest

Services and activities

1) Projects & Advisory Services

  • Industrial water audits
  • Water conservation projects in commercial buildings
  • Water audits and feasibility studies in municipal sector
  • Facilitation of rain water harvesting concepts
  • Facilitating implementation of "zero water discharge"
  • Water footprint study
  • Benchmark study
  • Blue rating of companies to assess water efficiency
  • Promotion of application of water efficient faucets & fixtures
  • Benchmarking studies on water utilities

2) Policy Advocacy & Research
  • Central & State level
  • Involvement of all stake holders
  • Consensus driven
  • Easy implementation
3) Training & Development
  • Skill development for grass root level (e.g. Panchayat)
  • Employment generation direct & indirect
  • Certification courses for water managers & engineers
4) Information & Demonstration Center
  • Awareness raising programmes
  • Demonstration of innovative technologies
  • Enabling next practices by promoting joint ventures, delegations and good practice projects
  • Enable international partnerships
  • Networking and stakeholder involvement
5) Events
  • Upcoming Events
    • CII National Awards for Excellence in Water Management
  • Water Awards - Recognizing industry for their excellence in water management
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs
Key Achievements
   Policy Advocacy
  • Submitted recommendations on National Water Policy prepared by the CII - National Water Council to the Ministry of Water Resources
  • Participation in Sub-Group on Water as part of Working Group on Land and Water formed under Planning Commission of India for framing 12Plan
  • Participated in Working Group on Urban and Industrial Water Supply and Sanitation of Planning Commission of India for 12Plan
  • Recommendations on National Water policy
Industry Water Audits
  • 55 water audits accounting for annual fresh water savings of 25 million m3
  • Identified 3.1 m3/year annual water savings equivalent to Rs 9.3 million cost savings per year
  • Achieved 1.0 m3/year annual water savings, costing Rs 5 million
  • Trained more than 500 industry personnel on industrial water and waste water management
  • Facilitated two industries in achieving zero water discharge.
  • Facilitated implementations of five public-private-community partnership projects in Rajasthan under Rajasthan Community Business Alliance on Water
  • Sensitized more than 6,000 students in Hyderabad, Jaipur and Bhiwadi on water conservation
  • Construction of rainwater harvesting structure at Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee office
  • Indian Business Alliance on Water to facilitate ‘Public Private community Partnership’ projects in Water with support from World Economic Forum, USAID, UNDP and SDC
  • Global Water for sustainability (GLOWS) - Capacity building of Indian Industry on ‘Public Private Community Partnership’ (PPCP) projects in water with support from USAID
  • CII-USAID-DAI Study project on ‘Water Use Efficiency in the Urban Sector’ for Jaipur, Faridabad and Pune funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – in progress
  • Consultancy Services (National Consultant) for the Project Activity on “Common Effluent Treatment Plants in India” with support from “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)” – in progress
  • PPCP Guidebook: Factors for making public-private-community partnership (PPCP) viable in watermanagement and developing a model for such initiatives
  • Water Directory: Database of manufacturers, water regulatory bodies, laboratories, NGOs,etc
(Hard Copy) - Rs.1000.00
(CD) - Rs. 500.00
  • Our Cup of Joy- India’s Best Practices on water
- Rs.1000.00
  • Water Management Trends in Indian Industry
  • Water management trends in Indian Industry
  • Water quality standards & essentials - Rs.300.00

Dr. Kapil Kumar Narula
Executive Director & CEO
CII-Triveni Water Institute
Email :

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in “WATER” - Loren Corey Eiseley American anthropologist, educator, philosopher, & natural science writer