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CII - Triveni Water Institute CII-Triveni Water Institute

Water is the life force of all nature

India has 16% of the worlds people and only 4% of its freshwater resources. In recent years, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Most projections suggest that India is racing towards becoming the worlds third largest economy by 2050. Water is one variable that could halt Indias march to economic greatness. By 2050, India might have only half the water it needs. Against this background CII has launched the CII-Triveni Water Institute - A Centre of Excellence on Water.

The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our children. So we have to hand over to them at least as it was handed over to us. Mahatma Gandhi


To enable India make substantial progress towards achieving water security by 2022.

Core Purpose

To transform water conservation and management in India by changing the mind-set and behaviour of stakeholders resulting in more effective and sustainable water management practices at the grassroots level.

About Us

One among CII's 9 acclaimed Centers of Excellence, CII-Triveni Water Institute, (CII-TWI), is a unique institution where government, industry and civil society have partnered to address water related issues in a holistic manner. Headquartered in Gurgaon, National Capital Region, CII-TWI operates from satellite offices located across the country that include Jaipur and Bangalore.
Guided by an Advisory Board comprising of members of National and International repute, the Institute has developed strong internal governance mechanisms that provide clear directions to its operations, partnership development, and management.

Verticals of CII-TWI
  • Advisory services: Activities under this vertical include, water audits (industries, buildings, and municipal sectors), watershed audits, risk evaluations, blue rating for companies, and benchmarking studies.
  • Policy Advocacy and Projects: Activities here include, rain water harvesting, sector-wise water use efficiency, integrated water resources management (IWRM), watershed evaluation and management.
  • Training, Education and Capacity Development through certified training and skill development courses for water and wastewater operators, education, and awareness generation on good practices.
  • Communications and Events as platforms for deliberations and discussions on key water issues for increasing awareness and knowledge dissemination.
Verticals of CII-TWI
Specialized Services & Projects
A. Water Audits CII-TWI has a vast experience of conducting Water Audits that include both inter- and intra-sectoral audits covering Industry, Buildings, Municipalities, and Agriculture (Irrigation). It has successfully completed 100+ water audits across industries.
  • Examples among Industry : Pulp & Paper, Automobiles, Bulk Drugs & Pharma, Cement, Chemical, Food & Beverages, Iron & Steel, Metals & Metallurgical, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Sugar and Textiles.
  • Among Buildings : Commercial, Hospitals, Residential, Training Centres, Schools/ Colleges

The water audits undertaken by CII-Triveni Water Institute have created a potential of annual recurring water saving of ~ 60 billion litres.
Specialized Services & Projects

CII-TWI has signed an MoU with SAIL on developing a roadmap for achieving Zero Liquid Discharge for various integrated Steel Plants across India. CII-TWI is working with SAIL in conducting comprehensive water audits across its integrated steel plants, besides also conducting watershed evaluation studies to assess the water related risks to operations.
B. Watershed Risk Assessment Tool- "Corporate's Water Atlas to sustainability and security" CII-TWI makes use of integrated hydrological-groundwater simulation techniques in evaluating various components of the water cycle. This makes use of satellite based remotely sensed data to derive surface flows and groundwater recharge including:
  • Water cycle and Water Resource Assessment (hydrological assessment)
  • Watershed evaluations
  • Groundwater recharge evaluation (hydrogeological assessment)
  • Industrial Siting
  • Water Security Plans
  • Flood Assessment
  • Sediment transport
Watershed Risk Assessment Tool
C. Strategizing and Mainstreaming CSR on Water: Implementing Integrated solutions for Water Resources Management CII-TWI provides integrated solutions for water resource management, both at regional and local scales. Using state-of-the-art Decision Support Systems (DSS) the CII-TWI undertakes:
  1. Water Resource evaluation for:
    • Watershed development (Design/Evaluation)
    • Decentralized water supply systems
    • Water risk assessments for siting, expansion and modernization
    • Agriculture (optimization, efficiency, crop choices)
    • Environmental management (contaminant movement � surface, groundwater & remediation
  2. Community based Implementation and dovetailing with government programs
    • Watershed restoration
    • Rejuvenating water bdies and traditional water harvesting systems
    • Bridging supply-demand gaps
    • Improvement in water application efficiencies
    • Decentralized systems of drinking water supply: water kiosks
    • Water and Health (particularly women & child health)
    • Integrating water and sanitation systems
D. Water-Energy-Agriculture-Climate Connect CII-TWI works on developing management strategies to optimise irrigation systems and farm inputs, as well as reduce farmer's water related risks emanating from resource depletion and deterioration. This includes:
  1. Evaluation and reduction of soil erosion
  2. Optimizing fertilizer and fertilizer mix (including organic fertilizers)
  3. Irrigation optimization through soil-moisture evaluation
  4. Irrigation efficiency improvement
E. Training to Industrial Water and Wastewater operators CII-TWI is developing as a premier Training Institute on Water and Wastewater. In its initial stages, it is developing customized training curricula, which has globally benchmarked content & training materials.
Flagship initiatives
A. CII-TWI, World Resources Institute, and World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) have partnered together to develop India Water Risk Assessment Tool, i.e., GIS based IT enabled Decision Support System that measures and maps water risk, having India-wide coverage with high granularity.
B. CII-TWI and USAID(United States Agency for International Development): initiative on Promoting Water Use Efficiency across Urban Sector to Address Climate Change. This includes components on:
  • Developing Municipal � Industry interface
  • Water Audits (Industry, and Buildings) using an Ecosystem approach
  • Promoting and strategizing Zero liquid discharge � 4 Rs' i.e., Reduce, Reuse, Recover, Recycle
C. CII-TWI and GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation i.e., Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)). Under the cooperation, CII-TWI is a National Consultant on Common Effluent Treatment Plants in India. Components here include
  • Baseline study on CETPs across India
  • Reference Document prepared on CETPs to reflect solutions that are technical and financially viable
D. Joint initiative with National Water Mission, MoWR on Mainstreaming and Strategizing CSR activities in Water Sector in the Indian Industry. This is a National Program under aegis of National Water Mission, MoWR, GoI, with an objective to stimulate, strategize, synchronize and more importantly recognize water related CSR initiatives of Indian Industry.
E. Conferences and Events
  • National Award for Excellence in Water Management

    The objective here is to recognize Water management initiatives within the Industry and award "Excellence" in Water Management, facilitate �sharing of information� and instill a �sense of healthy competition� to motivate all to achieve excellence in water management. The event is presently being re-assessed to add rigour and transparency.
    Process involves, inviting application from Industry (beginning of Feb-March), Jury to shortlist companies after scrutinizing the applications, short listing of companies to be invited for presentations, verification, and presentation of Awards. The Awards are conferred under the following categories:

    1. Within the Fence2. Beyond the Fence 3. Rainwater Harvesting4. Innovative Products

  • International Conference on Improving Water Use Efficiency in the Urban Sector to Address Climate Change
    The objective is to create awareness on strategies that improve water use efficiency in urban water sector to address climate change and ecosystem security covering Issues, Challenges and Opportunities. Key themes include Industry-Municipality interface (models of success & failure), Integrated ecosystem models of improving water use efficiency, and National and International best practices. The conference is organized in the month of November each year. Brochure for 2nd International Conference Nov 2014
    Given the vast spread of CII in all the regions and States of India, the CII-TWI aims towards providing Total Package of Solutions in an all-inclusive, and integrated manner with a huge potential of replication and scale-up.

Impact and Achievements
  • Water Audits undertaken in 100+ companies have resulted in the following benefits:
    • Direct water saving potential of ~ 60 billion litres
    • Immediate 20-30% reduction in water use through low cost interventions
    • Return period of on investments mostly <1 year
    • Reduction in wastewater generation through recycle and regeneration mechanisms
    • Identification of a roadmap for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), a strategy for better preparedness for meeting regulatory compliances
  • Identified possibilities of around 20-30% water use efficiency and 20 water saving projects in ten industrial sectors by engaging with Municipalities and Industries for promoting Water Use efficiency
  • Compiled useful information on growing challenges in the water and wastewater sectors with plausible scalable solutions and strategies that can be adopted to promote water use efficiency, published as a Handbook on Water Use Efficiency in Urban India. This was shared amongst Industry members, Government and other stakeholders for awareness and knowledge creation.
  • Prepared a Baseline Report on CETPs in India: Status, Issues and Case study and Reference Document on CETPs in partnership with GIZ. The Report was shared with over 200+ industry members and CETP operators.
  • Released a booklet in partnership with the MoWR on Moving towards Strategizing & Mainstreaming CSR initiatives of Indian Industry in Water Sector to encourage CSR driven management of water resources. This was shared with Industry members, Government and other stakeholders.
  • Sensitized 2000+ stakeholders in 2013-14 through conferences, workshops, trainings and publications

PPCP manual
  • PPCP Guidebook: Factors for making public-private-community partnership (PPCP) viable in watermanagement and developing a model for such initiatives
Water Directory
  • Water Directory: Database of manufacturers, water regulatory bodies, laboratories, NGOs,etc
(Hard Copy) - Rs.1000.00
(CD) - Rs. 500.00
Water Manual
  • Our Cup of Joy- Indias Best Practices on water
- Rs.1000.00
Water Practise
  • Water Management Trends in Indian Industry
Water Manage
  • Water management trends in Indian Industry
  • Water quality standards & essentials - Rs.300.00

Dr. Kapil Kumar Narula
Executive Director & CEO
CII-Triveni Water Institute
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�If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in �WATER� - Loren Corey Eiseley American anthropologist, educator, philosopher, & natural science writer