CII Western Region
The Confederation of Indian Industry Western Region (CII WR) comprises of the states of Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Each of these states, with its distinctive niche, potential and capabilities, has contributed significantly to the growth story of India. Abundant natural resources, industrial strengths, sound connectivity, investor friendly ambience and availability of skilled manpower make this region attractive to investors. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra ranked among the top 10 states in India in terms of ease of doing business as per the DIPP’s Business Reforms Action Plan (BRAP) 2016 rankings prepared in association with World Bank Group. Gujarat and Maharashtra have been the frontrunners in terms of industrial development. Madhya Pradesh on the other hand has a vibrant agriculture-based economy and has recently ventured on the path to industrialisation. Goa’s economy is driven by the sectors like mining, tourism and pharmaceuticals. The major manufacturing industries located in the region include basic iron and steel, auto & auto components, engineering, chemical & petrochemicals, gems & jewellery, textiles, agro and food processing, cement and pharmaceuticals, to name a few. The region has a thriving service sector comprising banking & financial services, legal services, transportation, tourism, entertainment and healthcare. It houses important financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, the SEBI and the corporate headquarters of numerous Indian companies and multinational corporations. CII Western region serves a membership base of over 2,258 direct members and a much wider base of indirect members through its 33 regional and local member associations. In 2017-18, CII Western Region adopted the theme - ‘Building Competitiveness: Driving Development’. This has led to wide range of initiatives around competitiveness, skill development and affirmative action. The region hosts some of the major national and international summits, conferences, exhibitions, business missions, trade delegations, training workshops and SME development meetings.
Sector Update
As a taxpayer, you may have some very legitimate grievances relating to your Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax (Indirect Tax) matters such as settlement of your claims etc. You may, for example, feel that the Department owes you a certain refund of tax but it is not doing enough to hear your grievance or complaint nor taking action to redress it. You may also be aggrieved about the unwarranted rude behaviour of officials or their failure to follow instructions and circulars of the Board. In all such cases, you can approach your Indirect Tax Ombudsman.
The travails of the global economy appear to be still not behind us, despite gradual recovery during 2010 from the worst global economic conditions since World War II. Continued fiscal and debt burdens vitiate the recovery process, imparting a degree of fragility and uncertainty to global economic conditions. The world needs a new source of growth and stability, and India, a rapidly growing economy with strong internal demand, offers a new opportunity. India remained relatively untrammeled by the developments in the Eurozone and reverted to close to 9% GDP growth rates in 2010. Growth was broad-based across all sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing and services. Public commitment to calibrated exit from expansionary fiscal policy and continued corporate and household confidence have helped sustain a virtuous growth cycle. The resurgence of the rural economy and intensified infrastructure mission further strengthened the foundations for medium-term growth propensities.
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Pune in association with The Hindu Business Line business daily has released a special 4 page supplement titled "Pune: Moving India Ahead" on Monday, 21 June 2010. The special report highlights the strengths of Pune city and its role in the economic upliftment of the country.
The CII Maharashtra State Council believes that since we are an integral part of the overall civic society, we need to utilize and direct our resources in contributing back to the society. Keeping this as an objective, we have been engaging in various activities which would ensure the contribution of the industry towards the society. At the same time, we have also embarked on a mission to ignite a movement in evolving a vision for facilitating Maharashtra’s transformation into an economically strong, technologically vital and ethically sound leader. Hence, our theme “Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability through Innovation, Productivity and Skills Enhancement” for the year 2009-10.
CII Awards & Recognitions
Quality Control Circles create a conducive and stimulating atmosphere for the workers such that their creativity can be energized and properly canalized. QCC Competition provides a unique opportunity to motivate workers to form Quality Circles within the company and also provides them a forum to exchange ideas and share theirs experiences. It is beneficial for senior managers, supervisors and management personnel.
Kaizen is a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership. In today’s scenario, “Kaizen activity “ is one of the benchmarked tools that not only enhances the growth of any Organisation, but also uplifts the Morale of the employees, setting a good example of “employer - employee relationships”, as it calls for collaboration, commitment & teamwork from top to down.
The Regional and National Workskills India Competitions organised by CII, are recognised by the Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGE&T), Ministry of Labour, Government of India.