CII Blogs
Date Title Sector
13 July, 2018 CII Model Career Centres - Creating Aspirations in Youth Towards Skilling Skill Development
29 June, 2018 GST Completes a Landmark Year Goods & Services Tax
22 June, 2018 Access to Credit will Boost MSME Growth MSME
18 June, 2018 The Practice of Yoga to Enhance Workplace Productivity Health
11 June 2018 Indian Investments Abroad: Creating Significant Impact Overseas International Relations
4 June 2018 Ensuring a Sustainable Future: Industry Initiatives Sustainability
1 June 2018 Strong Q4 GDP Growth Rate Reflects Structural Reforms Economy
28 May 2018 Recent Dilemmas under the IBC Insolvency and Bankruptcy
26 May 2018 Moving Towards a Creditor in Control Regime Insolvency and Bankruptcy
25 May 2018 CII Annual CSR Tracker: From Commitment to Impact Corporate Social Responsibility
21 May 2018 Ease of Doing Business Reforms to improve India's Doing Business Rankings Ease of Doing Business
15th May 2018 India's Industrial Performance Remains Resilient Exports
9th May 2018 Global Exhibition on Services: The India Opportunity Services
2th May 2018 Indian Exports to Grow Robustly during 2018 Exports
27 April 2018 CII Foundation Woman Exemplar Awards, 2018 - Recognizing Women as Agents of Social Change Women Empowerment
24 April 2018 Green Champions of India - CII Initiatives on Promoting Green Practises & Businesses Sustainable Development
19 April 2018 IMF's World Economic Outlook for 2018 is Optimistic Economy
14 April 2018 Building a Better India Together: Responsible, Inclusive and Ahead - CII Annual General Meeting 2018 CII Annual Session 2018
4 April 2018 CII Annual Session 2018 - Building a Better India Together: Responsible, Inclusive and Ahead CII Annual Session 2018
3 April 2018 MSME: A Sector in Transition Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
27 March 2018 Indian Economic Outlook 2018-19 Economy
22 March 2018 Facilitating Smart Informed Water Decisions CII - Triveni Water Institute
12 March 2018 The Changing Employment Landscape in India: India Skills Report 2018 Skill Development
7 March 2018 CII Initiatives on Empowering Women Women Empowerment
5 March 2018 A Sectoral Approach to Boost Women Participation in the Labour Force Women Empowerment
1 March 2018 Revitalizing Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Infrastructure
22 February 2018 CII Partnership Summit 2018 - Charting New India's Global Integration Strategy CII Partnership Summit 2018
19 February 2018 Magnetic Maharashtra: Gateway for Industrial Investments in India Magnetic Maharashtra
13 February 2018 Indian Tourism Sector - A Valuable Vehicle for Fostering Growth Tourism
5 February 2018 Auto Expo 2018: Asia's Largest Automotive and Auto Components Show Auto Expo 2018
30 January 2018 In Pursuit of Excellence in Skill Development Skill Development
29 January 2018 Humble Beginnings, Extraordinary Achievements Women Empowerment
25 January 2018 CII Pre-Budget Recommendations: Direct Tax Reforms Economy
18 January 2018 CII at Davos 2018: A Vibrant Forum for Indian Business International Relations
18 January 2018 Marking 25 years of ASEAN-India Partnership International Relations
15 January 2018 CII Pre-Budget Recommendations: Sectoral Reforms Budget 2018
12 January 2018 India at Davos: CII-WEF Partnership through the Years International Relations
9 January 2018 CII Pre-Budget Recommendations: Investment & Other Macro Reforms Economy
29 December 2017 Tourism as a Driver of Economic Growth and Development Tourism
28 December 2017 Indian Economy in 2018: Current Status, Prospects and Challenges

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