9th India Health Summit,18-19 December 2012

a)   Addressing the 9th edition of the India Health Summit, Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, asserted that there exists consensus on the fact that India is lagging behind in the provision of healthcare facilities in terms of both the outcomes and money spent by the government. To solve this anomaly, the 12th Five Year Plan document has accorded increased significance to healthcare by raising the share of total public expenditure on health, he added. “We are determined to put health on national and social agenda by increasing the public-spend on healthcare in the country in the years to come”, he said.

In addition to strengthening the public-private partnership in healthcare further, the time has to come to engage the civil society groups in partnering with the various stakeholders in order to improve the delivery platforms and outcomes for the society at large, Dr Ahluwalia stressed.


b)     Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman, CII National Committee on Healthcare, in his initial remarks highlighted that despite the considerable progress made in the field of healthcare in India in last few years, still over 50% of the patients from rural areas travel more than 100 km to get proper medical access. To address this, the level of the district hospitals needs to be upgraded to handle tertiary cases and reduce the number of referral cases.


c)    Addressing one of the earlier plenary sessions held during the day on the topic, “Healthcare Blueprint for India”, Mr Keshav Desiraju, Special Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, remarked that the affordability of the healthcare services could be improved further by ensuring adequate insurance cover for the population. There exists scope of improvement in strengthening regulatory facilities in the field of healthcare in the country, he added.

Mr Desiraju further highlighted that the instances of communicable diseases are rising at an exponential pace in the country currently. To control the outbreak of these diseases, there is need to stress on both the preventive and long-term management aspects. Up-hauling of the existing medical education system also needs urgent attention, as the Medical Council of India is currently lacking in terms of providing quality medical education, he asserted.


The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has identified healthcare as a focus area because of its overriding importance to the national economy and development imperatives. The contribution of Healthcare to Indian GDP has risen over the years and this sector has the potential to be an engine of growth for the nation as it can create 70 to 80 million jobs in the next 10 years, in addition to contributing significantly to the improvement of Human Development Indicators of India.

To address the key issues of Healthcare sector, CII organized the 9th edition of India Health Summit on 18 - 19 December 2012 at New Delhi. The Summit brought together Indian & International leaders in the healthcare sector to set the tone and direction for the development and growth of the healthcare sector in India. The two-day event provided a platform for all relevant themes and issues in Healthcare services to be deliberated extensively among stakeholders.

CII over the last decade has been continuously making efforts to address the key issues of the healthcare sector and the healthcare delivery system in India. In 2002 CII in Partnership with Mckinsey & Co. had laid out the roadmap for the sector in the report "Healthcare in India: The Road Ahead".

CII and Mckinsey & Co. worked together again this year on revising the Report on Roadmap for Healthcare which was released at the 9th India Health Summit.

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