School Excellence Conclave

a)      “Imparting good quality education to all the children of the country is the biggest challenge India is facing today and to address this, we need good infrastructure”, emphasised Mr Upkar Singh, Director Public Instruction (Schools), Chandigarh Administration. He further suggested that teachers should adopt the role of partners in learning to raise the standard of quality of education in the country.

He was addressing a cross section of stakeholders like School Principals and teachers, representatives from the industry and the NGOs from the North at a Conclave on School Excellence organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Northern Region at its headquarters in Sector 31 A in Chandigarh.

Mr Singh further highlighted that “Bringing underprivileged kids to schools and retaining them is a challenge and the Administration is taking many steps to encourage them. These include mobilisation schemes, Mid Day Meals, Exposure visits, provision of uniforms, textbooks, stipends and scholarships etc. Due to our efforts, School Dropout rate in elementary education in Chandigarh is down to just .00004 %. We are also trying to make education interactive and activity based rather than monotonous teaching”.


b)     “To promote primary and upper primary education in Punjab, we are aggressively opening the Adarsh Schools in rural areas of Punjab under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode, under which 24 schools are operational already.  The state Govt. is providing land at nominal lease. The capital cost is borne by Govt. and Industry in equal ratio while the Govt. is bearing 70 % of the running costs”, shared Mr Hussan Lal, Secretary Education, Govt. of Punjab.


c)      Mr Amit Kaushik, Managing Director, Educomp Infrastructure and School Management Ltd, Gurgaon, shared that “The present time is the most exciting time to be in the education sector in India as a lot of changes are taking place which will transform the educational landscape of the country soon.  Education in India, particularly elementary education, needs to catch up with the changing needs of society. The schools of today will have to focus increasingly on diversity and teaching children how to live in a globalised world”.


d)     Mr Sameer Goel, Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council, raised the issue of gaps between the industry requirements and school curriculum. He felt that the classroom was not changing as rapidly as the workplace. “School will have to train their students to become leaders in industry,” he opined.


e)      Mr Rajender Guleria, Co-chairman, Special Task Force on Skills and Education, CII NR, mooted the idea of private school teachers sharing the best practices of their schools with government school teachers. He also suggested that each private school should adopt one government school for such a purpose.

He further stressed “if India is to fully reap the benefits of its demographic dividend in a globalised world, its youth has to be provided with not just education, but quality education, which makes them creative and teaches them how to work in teams, how to deal with stress and face the challenges of life in good spirit and other non - cognitive skills key to their personal growth and that of the country’s growth.


f)        “CII has been continuously taking various initiatives in the field of education to help accelerate holistic growth in this sector. Today’s Conclave is one such initiative. It is highly imperative to give due importance to the vocational education in today’s scenario where industry is facing crunch of skilled labour. There is a need to rapidly develop vocational teachers and infrastructure to meet this challenge. Vocational education should not be treated as inferior to academic education”, shared Mr Pikender Pal Singh, Regional Director, CII NR.


g)      CII’s Institute of Quality, Bangalore has been advocating the delivery of Quality of education in the nation for over a decade.  In pursuance of this goal, CII IQ, has organised this School Excellence Conclave”, Mr A Subramanian, Sr. Counsellor, CII Institute of Quality, Bangalore.


h)      The conclave which was attended by over 100 participants witnessed experts like Dr. A.K. Sharma, Former Director, NCERT, Mr. Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation, Mr. Bipin Bhadran, COO & Director, Education Design Architecture, Mr. Winston Gomez, Principal, Ambassador School, Mr. Julian Egbert, Principal, O P Jindal Modern School, Hisar, Mr. P C Sharma,  Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya OCF, Chandigarh.


As a key beneficiary of the education services CII has embarked on many initiatives to bring about ‘Quality in Education in India’. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of Indian industry; partnering industry, academia and Government alike through advisory and consultative process. It aims to enhance the competitiveness of all the key sectors of the economy, which impacts the growth of the country. One such concerted joint effort is from Confederation of Indian Industry, Northern Region and CII’s Institute of Quality, Bangalore which has been advocating the delivery of Quality of education in the nation for over a decade. In pursuance of this goal CII hosted its School Excellence Conclave at CII Chandigarh on Wednesday, 10 October, 2012 with the theme ’Quality Education: Preparing Next Gen School Leadership’.


The conclave broadly covered the following topics:

·         Status of School Education in India – Policies & Practices

·         Enhancing the effectiveness of teaching & learning through integration of resources

·         Sustaining Institutional Quality Through Accreditations & Certifications

·         Panel Discussion:  Quality in School Leadership: Way Forward


The School Excellence Conclave was addressed by eminent speakers from Govt., industry, academia and institutions and observed participation of over 100 delegates from the Schools, NGOs and education industry in Northern Region.


Few of the eminent speakers who addressed the conclave include Mr Hussan Lal, Secretary Education, Govt. of Punjab, Dr. A.K. Sharma, Former Director, NCERT, Mr. Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation, Mr. Bipin Bhadran, COO & Director, Education Design Architecture, Representative Ambassador School, Dubai (Over Videocon) Mr. Gautam Sharma, Administrator, O P Jindal Modern School, Hisar, Mr. P C Sharma, Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya OCF, Chandigarh.


The School Excellence Conclave discussed and deliberated on the issues like challenges to impart good Quality Education, school dropouts & student retention, Govt. School mobilisation schemes, model schools under Public Private Partnership, changing needs of the society, sharing of best practices, developing vocations teachers’ workforce to help accelerate holistic growth in this sector.

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