Conference on Cyber Security

·        Industry should collaborate with Government in tackling cyber crime, according to KT Ramarao, Minister for IT and Panchayat Raj, Government of Telangana.

·        He was addressing delegates at the inaugural session of a conference on cyber security organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry here on 18 July, 2014.

·        As industry has been constantly working on the issue, a collaborative approach would be very useful in ensuring a sound policy, the minister said.

·        There was over 63 per cent increase in the cyber crime cases under the Indian Penal Code and IT Act in 2013 compared to the previous year across the country," Ramarao said.

R Srinivas Rao, Head, Wipro's Hyderabad centre and convnor of CII's panel on information technology, said an underground digital economy was thriving illegally by obtaining financial data.

Cyber fraudsters were increasingly targeting small and medium enterprises and there was a drastic increase in the number of attacks.

To mitigate risks, companies need to focus on technology and processes of intruder viruses in addition to traditional defence practices, Rao added.

·        T Krishna Prasad, Additional Director General, Crime Investigation, Government of Telangana, said special caution should be exercised at the entry and exit of employees in companies.


The vast amount of data being generated in our technologically connected world presents cyber security concerns to all individuals and companies. The security of the data is under threat as vested interests are targeting this info. Incidents of attacks are being reported daily and even big corporations are vulnerable to such attacks.

The Stake holders which include the Industries, Cyber Security Experts, IT Companies , Law enforcement Agencies, Defence  Establishments, R&D agencies, Risk and Insurance Companies, Banks and Financial agencies,Governmental agencies, E Commerce firms have to look beyond conventional measures to protect the data stored that has been created and increasingly becoming larger day by the day. The need of the hour is to ensure that counter measures are effective and achievable.

Keeping  this as the background, CII SR had organized an one day conference on  Cyber Security on 18 July at Hyderabad.

Topics covered:

1.       Policies in place and measures required to be taken to improve the ecosystem.

2.       Issues related to identity thefts, cybercrimes, cyber forensics, digital evidence etc.

3.       Organizations commitment towards Cyber Security or Ciber Security as an enabling factor for business today.

4.       Security issues facd by business due to the emerging user trends – Social Media, Analytics Mobility, Cloud, BYOD, etc.

5.       Technologies and Solutions available as countermeasure.

6.       Building Capacity in the Training of Cyber Security Experts.


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Welcome remarks by Mr Suresh R Chitturi, Chairman, CII at the inaugural session of the Conference on Cyber Security
Mr R Srinivas Rao, VP & Hyderabad Centre Head Wipro Ltd at the inaugural session of the Conference on Cyber Security
Mr T Krishna Prasad, IPS., Addl. DG - Crime Investigation Department, Govt. of Telangana at the inaugural session of the Conference on Cyber Security
Mr K T Ramarao, Hon’ble Minister for IT & Panchayat Raj, Govt. of Telangana at the inaugural session of the Conference on Cyber Security
Concluding remarks by Ms Vanitha Datla, Vice Chairperson, CII at the inaugural session of the Conference on Cyber Security
Security Aspects in Financial Transactions
Cyber Weapons and Advanced Cyber Threats to National Security
Cyber Forensics as an Enabler
An open house discussion on ‘Issues Related to Identity Thefts, Cybercrimes, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidence etc’
Security - The need for Deeper Engagement of Top Management
DoT Regulatory Security Requirements and their Impact
Security as an Enablement Factor in Business
An open house discussion on ‘Organisations commitment towards Cyber Security or Cyber Security as an Enabling Factor for Business Today’
Defending your assets across the attack Continuum
Cyber Security in Infrastructure & Capacity Building in Cyber Security
End Point Security - A Perspective by CDAC Hyderabad
Capacity Building in Cyber Security
An open house discussion on ‘Technologies and Solutions Available as Countermeasures & Capacity Building in Cyber Security’
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