AP-TEC 2014

Indian economy is an agrarian economy, which clearly implies the importance of agriculture in the country. As for 2012, India ranks on the second position in the world in regards to farm output, which is certainly remarkable. According to GDP in 2013, agriculture contributed for about 13.7% of the GDP along with all allied sectors, despite a steady decline of its share it’s still the largest economic sector and a significant piece of the overall socio-economic development of India providing employment to 58.4% of country’s work force. It may be argued that the growth is not on the top of its potential, but the changes are manifestly positive.

The estimated food requirement in India and total production of major crops indicate that to keep pace with the present population growth and consumption pattern. Agricultural production and productivity has to be increased almost to double in 2025 to meet the demand of the then population, Annual agricultural growth should be maintained at 6.7 per cent to meet these demand projections. Therefore there is an urgent need to increase productivity exploiting the available resources at maximum level. Achieving this goal will be possible only by Farm Mechanization and adoption of Modern Agricultural Technologies which ensures timely field operations to increase productivity, reduce crop losses with more efficient use of inputs such as seeds; chemicals; fertilizer and Energy with improve quality of agro produce being cost effective and eco-friendly, contributing to conservation of land and water resources. Technology is the only solution to increase productivity in agriculture, where natural resources are limited. Studies have shown that at least one-third of the future growth in productivity should come through innovations in crop technologies. Despite several serious challenges, India is a country with tremendous potential for growth in the agricultural sector. 

The objective was to create a platform for knowledge sharing, technology showcase, trading, business to business dialogues and updating the stakeholders with latest developments in the field of agricultural value chains. Hence, it was proposed to organise a Conference cum Exhibition in Guntur to primarily benefit various stakeholders including farmers from across the country and provide opportunities to others (Nationally and Globally). 

The Conference provided a platform to discuss the Emerging Agricultural Trends & Technologies, Commercialization of Agriculture, Industry needs, Quality Regulations etc., to analyze the constraints in delivering quality food to the nation and prepare a road map for the sector’s growth. The Conference helped in gaining an insight into opportunities in different markets and how to access them.

The Exhibition offered a single venue interface for Indian Players and the Global Players looking out for opportunities to enhance business in Agriculture Sector. It provided a platform for networking between the Indian and Overseas Players catering to the entire value chain system, through vertical based National and International Pavilions. Serves as a pathfinder for the Agri Community and urge them to compete and capture the world market ensuring that farmers find a path to harvest the best in agriculture.

The subjects were covered are as below:


·         Policy Matters & Regulatory updates

·         Farm Machinery, Implements & Equipment

·         Irrigation & Water Management

·         Fertilizers and Chemicals

·         Transgenic and Seed Production

·         Food Processing

·         Agri Marketing & Contract Farming

·         Green House Farming  & Organic Farming

·         Hydroponics & Aeroponics

·         Floriculture & Horticulture

·         Aquaculture

·         Dairy & Poultry

·         Agri-Waste Management

·         Agri-Biotechnology

·         Agro Forestry

·         Technology Transfer Centers and Incubators

·         Banks & Financial Institutions

·         Cold storages & Silos

·         Agro Processed foods & Value addition


AP-TEC 2014 focused on Technologies for Modern Agriculture.

The Conference would deliberate on a wide range of topics on latest technologies and issues by National & International Experts in the Technical & Interactive Sessions, covering various subjects of interest.

The Exhibition was featuring the latest Technologies, Equipment, Processes & Techniques, Trends etc. relevant to Agriculture by Industries, R&D Institutes, Experts etc. from within India and abroad. B2B Meetings within the Exhibition.

Eminent Speakers from Central and State Governments, Ministries, Senior Officials from Department of Industries & Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers (MoCF), Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC), Department of Animal Husbandry Dairying and Fisheries (DADF), Department of Fertilizers (DOF), ICAR, CGIAR Centers, NAARM, ICRISAT, CRIDA etc., Scientists & Experts from Industry and Institutions within India and abroad, were presented in the Conference. 

The event targeted a broad spectrum of farmers & participants associated with the Agriculture based Industry and Allied Services, Decision Makers, Officials from concerned Government Departments and Ministries, Regional and Local Authorities, Senior Representatives of Indian & Foreign Companies, Associations, Agriculture based Research and Consulting Companies/ Institutes, Seed Companies, Fertilizer Companies, Equipment Manufacturers, Consultants & Contractors, Scientists,  University Students and Scholars etc.




·         Agri Business / Agri Trading

·         Agri Marketing & Contract Farming Companies

·         Agricultural Experts

·         Agricultural Financing Companies

·         Agricultural Insurance Companies

·         Agriculture Allied Services

·         Agripreneurs & Agribusiness Incubators

·         Agri-Waste Management Companies & Technology Providers

·         Agro Forestry

·         Aquaculture Companies

·         Consultants, Consultancy Firms and Professional

·         Contract & Integrated Farming

·         Dairy Industry

·         Experts on Green House Farming, Hydroponics, Aeroponics etc.

·         Farm Machinery, Equipment and Implement Manufacturers

·         Floriculture & Horticulture Companies

·         Food Processing

·         Funding agencies & Venture capitalists

·         Irrigation & Water  Management Solution Providers

·         National  and International Agencies

·         Organic & Inorganic Farming Companies

·         Plant Propagation Material Companies

·         Plasticulture Industries

·         Poultry Industry

·         Research & Development Organizations

·         Seed, Fertilizer and Chemical Industries

·         Sericulture Industry

·         Soil Testing Equipments / Certification Companies

·         Storage Equipments & Silos Manufacturers

·         Top Govt. Officials & Government Agencies

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