Finance: Factoring for MSMEs
  • Challenges faced by SMEs in raising timely and adequate working capital
  • Factoring, an alternative for raising working capital
  • How factoring works
  • Why factoring is beneficial to SMEs

CII organised an online Master Class (OMC)  webinar on 'Factoring for MSMEs' on 25 March. Mr Rakesh Kapoor, MD, IFCI Factors Ltd was the expert faculty.The objective of this session was to review, understand and analyse the factoring services for the MSMEs, as also to  assist them to explore factoring as an opportunity to address the issue of Delayed Payments. Factoring is a lifeline for many small businesses which offers a useful credit facility against outstanding invoices. The enactment of the Factoring Regulation Act  2011 and Allocation of Rs 500 crore to SIDBI  (in the Union Budget 2013-14) to set up a Credit Guarantee Fund for factoring are important milestones which are expected to change the way the MSMEs finance their receivables.

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Finance Management for SMEs 18: Factoring for MSMEs
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