Industry Visit_WABCO: Just-In-Time (JIT)_Education Excellence Forum (EEF)_Chennai_Faculty & Student Activity

CII Southern Region Education Excellence Forum (EEF) Chennai, Member’s (Faculty and Students) Industrial visit to WABCO India Ltd, on Just-In-Time (JIT), is expected to bring closer access to industries concepts and ideas to the institute members. This facilitates unlearning and relearning that enhances the application knowledge. It paves to spur the innovative minds of the future generation and respond to the dynamic changes.

EEF Industrial activities are didactics with an integrative approach to education that facilitates resourcefulness of Faculty and Students to meet the dynamic growth demand of the industry.

Just- In-Time Benefits

Just-In-Time aims to reduce waste and improve quality, bringing a whole range of benefits to manufacturing businesses of any size, as well as retailers with complex supply chains. It orders only the materials needed to complete an order. It is used to work more efficiently. Benefits include:

• Reduced costs
• Higher productivity
• Competitive advantage
• Improved job satisfaction

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