Improved corrosion management could provide significant cost and energy savings. CII Corrosion Management Committee (CMC) is dedicated to work towards minimizing Corrosion related losses through consulting, training & awareness in India. To give a spur to Corrosion management culture in Indian Industry, Confederation of Indian Industry organized a Seminar on Corrosion Management on July 31, 2015 in Ahmedabad.

Corrosion is eating away a section of industries’ gained through:

·         Production / productivity loss

·         Reduction in efficiency

·         Unscheduled shut downs due to machine / equipment failure

·         Cost escalation

·         Safety hazards

·         Environmental concerns


The main objectives of the seminar were:  

·         To help engineers to understand corrosion so that they can solve existing corrosion problems and prevent future ones

·         To study the maintenance perspective of Corrosion Management hence minimizing plant maintenance costs. 

·         To understand corrosion issues in boilers, heat exchangers and pipelines. 

·         To understand high performance coatings & learn to charter Coating Maintenance Plan, which provides mechanism for an owner to progress in corrosion mitigation from a Reactive status to a Predictive status. 

·         To learn the means of preventing rust during storage for catering to customer's Quality & reliability requirements and shipping.

·         To understand the methodology for proper material selection. 

·         Corrosion management for cooling tower & water treatment methods for corrosion control. 


Session Themes for the Seminar:

·         Types of Corrosion & Corrosion Audit Methodology 

·         In-Storage & Transit corrosion prevention & protection of metal parts / components 

·         Selection of material for corrosion control0

·         Maintenance Perspective Coatings & its Inspection for Corrosion Prevention 

·         Water treatment & water management for corrosion control 

·         High Temperature Corrosion Prevention 

Each session had presentations from experts on Corrosion.


The Seminar was relevant for:

·         Senior and Middle Level Managers 

·         Project Engineers

·         Quality Assurance Managers 

·         Maintenance Personnel and Engineers 

·         Production Personnel and Engineers 

·         R & D Personnel and Engineers

From the industries such as: Automobile ,Pharmaceutical, Power Plants ,Pulp & Papers ,Textiles, Sugar, Glass, Oil & Gas, Chemicals ,Steel, Cement, Aluminium,Petrochemicals ,Fertilizers ,R & D Institutes ,Defense & Aerospace

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