Seminar on Global Defence Supply Chain

CII organized Seminar on Global Defence Supply Chain on 8-9 July, 2015 at New Delhi.


The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and its technology partner Aerospace Ventures (AV)  organised a seminar on the global defence supply chain. The seminar initiated the local A&D industry to utilize offset business opportunities, new technology absorption & enhanced export possibilities, to become part of the highly competitive global A&D supply chain. 


The seminar allowed the international Aerospace, Defence & Security market to obtain insight to the Indian A&D industry’s capabilities, potential, products and services providing a “window of opportunity for Indian companies to be integrated in well-structured international supply chains.


This was mainly accomplished through the integration of the Indian industry into two (2) international platforms, the and the Exostar. These platforms offered the ideal tool for this purpose, as they provided access to the global Aerospace, Defence and High Technology (ADHT) market in a cost-effective and efficient manner which could eliminate geographical and cultural barriers. 


Additionally, the project raised the industry awareness on offsets, and thus enhance the Indian companies’ involvement in the process. This was accomplished through the participation of Indian companies in “Offset Awareness Events” organised by CII in which the following items were presented:


India’s Offsets Policy and Guidelines.


How can the local industry participate and benefit from Offsets.

Cases studies of international offset projects that have allowed the local industry to exhibit sustainable development, create new business and raise exports activity.


The main benefits for the local Indian A&D industrial base, from the implementation of the proposed project are the following:


Participation of Indian companies in local and international networks

Business development strategy
Increased customer reach   
Export activities expansion 
Technology level advancement      
Increased awareness on Offset practices

The day long workshop will focus on the Global Best Practices for the mapping and subsequent integration of the Indian Aerospace and Defence manufacturing MSME units into the domestic and Global Supply Chain.

This seminar will provide an immediate opportunity to the aspiring MSME and large corporates an insight as well as an opportunity to gear up for the defence global supply chain.

Knowledge Resources
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