Conference on Smart & Liveable Cities - 6th Edition of Infra Conclave Rajasthan

Conference on Smart & Green Livable Cities - Infra Conclave Rajasthan 2015 held on 29 July, 2015 at Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

Rajasthan’s PWD and Transport Minister Mr Yoonus Khan said that we are fortunate that among the 100 cities being chosen as smart cities in India, four cities of Rajasthan are being included. Mr. Khan was speaking as the Chief Guest in the Rambagh Convention Centre during the  “Conference on Smart and Green Livable Cities Infra Enclave” organized by Confederation of India Industry. On this occasion, approximately 150 industrialists, architects, builders, academicians etc. of various parts of Rajasthan were present. 

Hon’ble Minister started with extending tribute to Late President  Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and said, that our country must walk on the path laid by Late Dr Abdul Kalam. He said that discussions on Smart City will go on without any conclusion unless a common man and a villager is not involved. There must be an awareness amongst citizens on various aspects of Smart City- Cleanliness, Following rules and regulations laid down by Govt for roads, Use of IT, optimum utilization of Natural resources; Maintaining our rich and cultural heritage and many such related points. For this Govt, industry, citizens and experts have to come together to make it a success. State’s 82% population resides in villages; they must be made aware of the imagination of a smart city. 

He further added and compared with foreign countries. The education level of these countries is very high which makes it easier for these countries to implement such schemes. if we have a look over the foreign countries, then we get to know that the standard of population and their education level is way beyond high that is why we too need to educate every citizen of our country. Talking about the central and state government, they both are providing a foundation and funds for this factor. While thanking the CII for taking the initiative of developing a smart city Khan said that the whole and sole responsibility of a smart city should not be burdened on the government, but the citizens should also be held responsible for it. In the discussion of Mirza Smile and Wald City he said that old Jaipur was civilized in such a manner that every lane joins the main pathway, roads must be wide and pits should be well constructed, but today due to encroachments all these facilities have been devastated. He has appealed from the new colonizers, that they must develop the city according to the old Jaipur city. 

The chairman of CII Rajasthan and Chairman & Managing Director of Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. Mr Suresh K Poddar said that for the development of city, PM has given some directions to the CII and CII works on those directions only. Along with Jaipur, Kota, Udaipur and Ajmer are in the list of making a smart city in which CII will contribute with all its might. 

Addl. chief Secretary UDH Rajasthan Government Mr Ashok Jain has said that before developing a “Smart City” we need to understand the definition of a smart city. Every citizen wants a smart city, keeps few expectations from the government also, but government alone cannot fulfill their demand, they too have to create awareness among themselves. Citizens have to keep the city clean, have to maintain the water resources along with it every citizen’s participation (PPP) is necessary. 

Director of National Institute of Urban Affairs professor Mr Jagan Shah, in his brief speech said that before executing any plan, we must also ponder about its outcomes. For this we can select a particular area of a city and prepare its model to develop it into a smart city. Giving an example of Kota he said, it’s a knowledge city, so its development should be done according to its specialty. 

On this occasion Deputy High Commissioner at British Deputy High Commission, Chandigarh Mr. David Lelliott called Jaipur a systematic city and said that Jaipur City’s development is done as per the foreign countries and it should be continued. With this he has appealed the citizens also to take part along with the governmental help. He said that this is an exciting time to be representing the UK in Rajasthan. The UK has much to offer in sustainable urban development; including expertise in design, infrastructure and project financing management. We look forward to continuing to work with India and in particular Rajasthan to deliver their ambitious smart cities agenda. 

The chairman of Indian Green Building Council Mr Prem C Jain said that besides making a smart city, we must also keep in mind to maintain the heritage. For this he gave an example of Hyderabad, and said that we cannot build Hawa Mahal each following day. Smart city doesn’t mean that there must be elevated buildings, but for a city solar energy is also vital, and for this sun’s energy must not be hindered and even the water resources must be well maintained. A city which can be compared with the nature can be called a smart city. 

Director & Head, CII Rajasthan State office Mr Nitin Gupta said that after the announcement of Hon’ble Prime Minister to launch the smart city campaign, CII has constituted a National Committee on Smart Cities involving prominent industry, Govt and experts to help state Govts in developing this concept. CII is organiasing such conclaves in all the important cities of India added Mr Gupta. 

Mr Rajat Agarwal, Vice Chairman, CII Rajasthan and MD of Gravita India Ltd. proposed Vote of Thanks.

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