Enviro Tech 2015

CII organized the 3rd edition of CII's Enviro Tech 2015 with the Theme “Sustainable Technologies for Environmental Protection”, held on 25 July 2015 at Vadodara.

The Enviro Tech 2015 Summit was a pioneering attempt to bring together crosscurrents of opinions, views and ideas inherent to the Environment industry, as it prepares to meet new challenges and imperatives. The Enviro Tech 2015 Summit aimed to build a common platform for the Indian Environment community.

Environmental protection has evolved from piecemeal local efforts to a much more comprehensive global strategy involving high levels of cooperation among states and nations covering a wide assortment of environmental problems. Although environmental policy and environmental protection efforts have evolved dramatically in the past three decades, most solutions dealt with symptoms. Efforts are now under way to address the root causes of the problems.

Mr Ashwin Gandhi, Chairman – CII Central Gujarat Zonal Council & Director, Express Hotels Pvt. Ltd. said “I believe that the development and use of technologies that do not harm the environment is critical to maintaining and improving quality of life. We also recognize that the wise use of technology is a necessity but not a sufficient prerequisite for sustainable development. We are convinced, however, that socially compatible and environmentally sound economic development is possible only by charting a course that makes full use of environmentally advantageous technologies. By this, we mean technologies that utilize resources as efficiently as possible and minimize environmental harm while increasing industrial productivity and improving quality of life”.

Mr Satish Panchal, Chairman – CII’s Conference on Enviro Tech 2015 and Managing Director, Vadodara Enviro Channel Ltd. said “Green technology’s goal is to replace practices and methods that damage or deplete natural resources with alternative practices that are sustainable and efficient. The event has highlighted the concept of Clean & Green Technology as well as Remediation for the Contaminated sites of the nation. The Experts form the Industry will share the latest Green & Clean Technologies which will also take forward the Issue of Environment Management. This ultimately supports the clarion call given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of “Zero Defect & Zero Effect” & also the “Swachh Bharat”.

Mr H S Patel, IAS, Municipal Commissioner, Vadodara Municipal Corporation addressing the delegates during the conference insisted that we need to take adequate measures to protect the Environment. It has to be a collaborated effort from the Industry, Citizens & the Government which is needed to drive the agenda of clean & green. Environment is the Buzzword for India.

Mr Nishith Dand, Vice Chairman – CII Central Gujarat Zonal Council & Managing Director, Sure Safety (India) Pvt. Ltd. said “Environmental technology contributes to sustainable development by protecting the environment and maintaining welfare. The key issue in environmental technology development is to identify promising technologies while taking into account all life cycle stages of the product or service, from raw material extraction to disposal. Due to the holistic nature of environmental technology, concepts such as eco-efficiency, life cycle assessment (LCA) and eco-design are all needed in the successful creation of environmental technologies”.

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Enviro Tech 2015 – Compilation of Case Studies
Remediation and Corporate Responsibility
Industrial Process, Waste Water & Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions
Asbestos Waste Management [A-Waste]
Catalytic Technologies for Environmental Protection
Remediation of Contaminated Sites in India: Case Studies
To Create a Sustainable Future for the World, by Achieving Resource Extension Economically, By Reducing Usage of Limiting Resources and Extending Life Cycle
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