Conference on Corporate Sustainability

CII organized Conference on Corporate Sustainability on 22 March, 2013 at Hyderabad.

Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that aims at managing business responsibility and sensitively taking into consideration every dimension of how a business operates in social, cultural and economic environments. Sustainability is not only about creating “green” strategy, also ensuring how businesses use sustainability principles to drive innovation, improve efficiencies, reduce material and energy consumption, help address formidable challenges facing society and making the world a better place to live. Businesses are embracing sustainability faster than ever as the changing global environment is challenging companies to look beyond financial performance.

Business leaders are increasingly realizing the need to integrate environmental and social issues must be woven into a business’ core, its mission and its vision. Aimed at gaining insights and sharing of best sustainable business practices, the Corporate Sustainability Sub-Committee of CII (SR) organizing a one day Conference on Corporate Sustainability, along with the annual Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Awards 2012 on 22 March 2013 at Hyderabad.

For EHS Awards 2012, 102 companies have applied to understand their stand in EHS practices through the Assessment. Select best practices on EHS will be presented as a part of the Conference. Winners of this Award will also receive awards at the end of the Conference.

The Conference had covered the following Topics:

- Session I: Panel Discussion on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy & GHG Management
    o Perform, Achieve & Trade & way forward
    o Renewable Energy
    o GHG Management - Product Life Accounting & Scope III Emissions

- Session II: Panel Discussion on Water, Waste & Material Management
   o Water Footprint Protocols
   o Co-processing Techniques & Waste Management
   o Effective Material Management

- Session III: Panel Discussion on LCA, Product Stewardship & Supply Chain Management
  o  Life Cycle Assessment & risk management
  o  Sustainable Supply Chains
  o  Product Stewardship Strategies

- Session-IV: Climate Change

Knowledge Resources
You will get access to following Knowledge Resources by subscribing to the Digital Library of this event.
Environmental Integration with Business: Resolving Future Water Issues with a Community Focus by Mr T Rathinam, Vice President, TES-AMM Recyclers (India) Pvt Ltd
Solar Power Sector Growth and opportunities by Mr Deepak Bhardwaj, Director – Strategy & Corporate Affairs, Texas Instruments
Mr Ashok Reddy, Chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh delivering welcome remarks at the Inaugural Session of the Conference on Corporate Sustainability.
Mr Ramesh Kymal, Chairman, Corporate Sustainability Sub-Committee, CII-SR at the Inaugural Session of the Conference on Corporate Sustainability
Preliminary Findings on Carbon Footprint Study for Andhra Pradesh by Mr S Raghupathy, ED, CII Godrej Green Business Centre
Mr Nicolas Beaumont, Co-Chairman, Corporate Sustainability Sub-Committee, CII-SR at the Inaugural Session of the Conference on Corporate Sustainability
An Open House Discussion at the Inaugural Session of the Conference on Corporate Sustainability
Mr Premkumar Pandurangam, Senior Director - Sustainability Cognizant Technology on "Energy Efficiency & Hybrid Energy System"
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