Connect Coimbatore 2013
  • With the presence of large number of educational institutions, IT professionals and industries in the State, “We need to create an ecosystem for innovation,” Mr S Mahalingam, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Tata Consultancy Services, said here while delivering the Keynote Address after Inaugurating Connect Coimbatore 2013, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Coimbatore, on the theme “Are You Learning as Fast as the World is Changing” he said the State was the base for several industrial segments such as textiles, agro, engineering, etc.
  • New Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products were required for these segments. An ecosystem should be created for collaborations, co-operations between the users and the ICT industry. IT companies could come up in industrial clusters. Initiatives were needed to identify ideas and entrepreneurs early in the system, create coaches and mentors, create certification system, and bring in venture capitalists. He urged the Connect organisers to develop a long-term vision for Coimbatore in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space, identify skill sets to be developed, the nature of collaborations to be established among stakeholders, and adopt a guest country approach.

The 13th edition of Connect Coimbatore was organized by CII on 07 February 2013. The theme for the conference was “Are You Learning As Fast As The World Is Changing”.

The Information technology industry in India has grown rapidly over the past decade, led primarily by the rapid growth in the IT and ITES sectors. This has boosted the entire service sector in India, contributing substantially to increase in GDP, employment, and exports, in addition to becoming the global brand ambassador for India.

The Coimbatore region is home to more than fifty thousand large, medium and small scale enterprises doing thriving business over the years. When it comes to the leading manufacturing and industrial hubs in south India, Coimbatore takes pride of place.. As India becomes more of a global playground, companies, organizations and enterprises are faced with the need to constantly upgrade themselves in all spheres. There is a definite need for companies to incorporate more a technology focussed approach in order to sustain efficiency in the long run. The use of efficient IT systems would definitely enhance the growth of the industries across this region by providing technology orientated solutions, energy efficient techniques and operational cost reductions which will help the players to reap the benefits of a global economy,

Time has proved that thought leaders, focussed on innovation and action have enjoyed first mover advantage to place themselves in leadership positions in their respective industries. From a supporting function, IT has now surrounded all key organizational functions, and this is where proactive organizations see the scope for competitive differentiation.

More than ever before, there is an urgent need for innovation, learning and changing on multiple fronts – across products, services, delivery models, pricing and branding to keep in pace with the changing and developing global advancements — a need further accentuated by the recent slowdown. It is believed that it will be a combination of all these factors that will equip the Indian IT and manufacturing industry to stay on top of their game, at an equal footing with global giants and transform India to an economic superpower.


In order to be truly relevant to businesses in India, the Indian IT industry has to evolve its business and create more value to its customers by facilitating business process transformation, using technology innovations. This paradigm shift would require IT companies to acquire in-depth understanding of their customers’ business and consulting skills to advocate and facilitate business process changes.


Connect Coimbatore, the flagship IT event in this region, serves as a platform for understanding and adoption of the new technology developments & best practices worldwide. CII Coimbatore Zone has been organising a series of “Connect Coimbatore” Conferences over the last 12 years and each of these events have focussed on relevant themes that enable both technology consumers and providers to learn and gain from the thought leaders in the industry.

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