TN Finance Conclave


The past decade has not been easy for the finance professionals due to erratic markets, better technologies and a complex web of new regulations and compliance issues. This has forced the finance function to redefine its role in the organization. Long gone are the days of simply ‘collecting, paying and reporting’. Facing rapidly changing market and economic conditions, the modern finance function has had to be both nimble and reliable to respond to a myriad of internal and external pressures. Finance leaders should be seeking to transform their functions to deliver not just efficient services, but more importantly effective services as well. From supplying more insightful Business Intelligence and forecasting to anticipating and responding to sudden market disruptions, today’s finance professional is expected to be as much as business strategist as a financial expert.


To respond to these rapidly evolving pressures, the finance function must undergo a fundamental change and realignment in order to transform it from the transactional operational management role of the past into a centre of cost-efficient and effective strategic value-addition for the future. But this type of transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. It requires both the high level support and collaboration between multiple functions to design, execute and maintain real and valuable change initiatives.


The environment in which the finance professionals operate has been constantly changing. Market fluctuations and credit turbulence create game changing opportunities and challenges. New technologies radically changes operating models and increased shareholder scrutiny and public demands for transparency put new pressures on the finance function.


About the Conclave


It is this recognition that has led to the conception of this high-level strategic ‘TN Finance Conclave’ organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on 20 February 2013 at Chennai with the objective of bringing the  views of the experts on the finance domain on key themes which are essential for finance professionals. The conclave had been designed in such a way that it provided the ideal platform to interact with distinguished speakers who presented their expert views through technical sessions, case studies, debates and panel discussions.




The key themes which were covered in the ‘TN Finance Conclave’ are as follows:


  • Current Economic Scenario: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Importance of Budgeting, Business Forecasting and Analytics
  • Business Governance and Ethics
  • Business Responsibility Report
  • Decision making in corporate litigation
  • Fraud Management using IT tools
  • Role of Finance Professional in today’s context
  • Case Studies by experts on the models of Business Success
  • What makes a good finance professional?
Knowledge Resources
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Importance of Budgeting, Business Forecasting & Analytics: A business perspective by Ms Sangeeta Prasad, CEO, Mahindra World City Developers Ltd
Budgeting & Business Forecasting – Automobile Industry Perspective by Mr Sabarish B, AGM, Hyundai Motor India Ltd
Using IT Tools for Fraud Management by Mr Anirban Ghosh, Associate Director- Internal Audit Cognizant Technology Solutions
A Clear Vision for Finance by Mr Christian Mertin, Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd
Matrimony.Com Finance Case Study by Mr S Parameshwar, CFO, Consim Info Pvt Ltd (Bharat Matrimony)
Growth of India Inc. in International Space - Challenges & Opportunities for a CFO by Mr S Varadarajan, Executive Director and Group CFO, VA Tech Wabag
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