Human Resources (HR): Effective Management of HR Statutory Compliances

CII organised the "CII Online Master Class on Effective Management of HR Statutory Compliances" on 15 March 2013.

Effective management of HR statutory compliances is an integral constituent of corporate governance, demands an in-depth understanding of labour legislations. As labour and employment figures in the concurrent list, India’s complex web of legislations, revolve around 50 central and 200 state enacted legislations and these are periodically being amended to suit to emerging labour and employment landscapes. Few labour laws define a same term in a diverse sense. These factors invariably bring-in complexity in understanding, and difficulty in interpretation and managing HR statutory compliances. Rules, regulations and notifications issued by State Governments, judicial pronouncements from various High Courts and Supreme Court of India and procedural modifications necessitated by Information and communication advancements are furthering complexities and difficulties. As a remedy, many of the corporate leaders started out-sourcing the management of HR statutory compliances. Managing HR statutory compliances is emerging as a profession and a profitable business vertical.

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Effective Management of HR Statutory Compliances
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