International Conference on Zero Defect Manufacturing

CII organized an International Conference on Zero Defect Manufacturing on 27 February, 2015 at New Delhi.

“To out par China as the manufacturing hub of the world, India needs to focus on skilling, design, quality and Zero Defect manufacturing. Our aim should be to increase the share of Manufacturing to around 28-30 % of our GDP. Though we have islands of strength & excellence but skill development is missing”,  shared Mr Ajay Shankar, Former Member Secretary NMCC and Former Secretary, Department of Industrial Promotion & Policy, Government of India. He was addressing an International Conference on Zero Defect Manufacturing organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

“CII should create a mentoring environment for the enterprises which form the backbone of the industry. There is a need to make changes in the existing labour laws as well”, he added.

“The country is contemplating major reforms for manufacturing, which will offer open platform to the Indian Industry to present its views & expectations, especially when several policy decisions have been initiated by the New Govt. The Nation is currently focused on manufacturing through the Make in India campaign & plans to launch major initiatives to revamp & upgrade the Engineering sector”, further added Mr Shankar.

“Zero Defect is a philosophy, an attitude adaptable to any situation or industry. Zero Defect is not being perfect but to deliver as per the promise”, he further remarked.

Dr Wilfried Aulbur said that “India has cost advantage vis-à-vis China but the global manufacturing industry is gearing up for the next level of industrial revolution.  It is high time India adopted the changing needs of the manufacturing sector like sustainability, innovation and hybrid automation”.

“The electric and Hybrid vehicle market in India has a huge potential for growth.  With impetus from the government in terms of making strategic policies, announcements and allocating funds, the vision to produce nearly six to seven million electric vehicles units, both four wheelers and two wheelers in India by 2020, to give a better environment friendly transportation solution for the country, can be fulfilled”, shared Mr Jayant Davar, Conference Chairman & Co-Chairman, MSME Council, CII and Co-Chairman & Managing Director, Sandhar Technologies Ltd.

One of the sessions focused on future plans of the manufacturers, new technologies, government initiative for infrastructure, etc. for this sector.

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