Conference on Industrial Relations:"Understanding the Dynamics"

1)     Mr Shiv Charan Lal Sharma, Minister of State – Labour & Employment(Independent), Information, Public Relations & Cultural Affairs, Government of Haryana said that Industry today needs to behave like mature parents who take care of their children and support and mentor them through their experiences. He said that strikes and lockouts are not the solution to an issue and there is no problem that cannot be solved through effective communication.


2)       Mr Anupam Malik, Joint Labour Commissioner, Government of Haryana emphasized on social dialogue to diffuse the unrest in the industry today. It is a on-going process and needs continuous effort to make the line as straight as possible. He said, “To achieve the long term objective of total harmony in an industrialised society, we must develop innovative approachs to human resource management.


3)     Mr Rajiv Kapoor, Conference Chairman, Co Chairman , Regional Taskforce IR (CII Northern Region) & Executive Vice President – HR & Legal, JCB India Ltd, mentioned that it is important that while on collective issues unions have a codetermined role as equal pertners, we should leave individual relationship and develop the relations between the employee and his frontline manager.He also said that there is a need to work together amidst an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect and this would be possible only if there is transparency , effective communication and engagement strategies.

4)        Mr Ramesh C Jain, Chairman, Regional Taskforce IR, CII Northern Region & Group Vice Chairman (Former) – Eicher Group said that the industry needs strong workforce in the field of Industrial relations and the young HR professionals should be encouraged to take up Industrial relations as a prospective choice in the Human Resource management Career. 

5)      The conference was well attended by over 100 delegates from companies across all sectors & regions.


A Nations economy that depends on organized/ planned production, aiming at the realization of social justice and welfare of the masses, can function effectively only in an atmosphere of industrial peace. If the twin objectives of rapid national development and increased social justice are to be achieved, all measures should be undertaken to ensure harmonious relationship between management and the work force.


Robust Industrial Relations is the key to bolster productivity, quality and well being of the industry. Good industrial relations lead to higher productivity at optimum cost and higher returns for the organization & its employees.


We have witnessed unfortunate incidents of Labour Unrest in the past few years in various parts of the country and it is imperative that we understand the issues and plan a strategy to build an atmosphere of trust and goodwill that would ensure healthy Industrial relations which is crucial for sustaining the growth of our industries and the economy.


This state of engagement can be achieved by certain institutionalized measures / schemes of closer association of employees with management. The HR / IR department management functionaries are “the eyes and ears of the organization” who need to play their role effectively and with empathy. Against this backdrop, CII organised   “Conference on Industrial Relations: Understanding the Dynamics”.


Honda and JCB where the sponsors of the conference.

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