Seminar on India & Latin America & Caribbean: Doing Business in Emerging Markets

1)      Mr M Ganapathi, Secretary (West), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India highlighted The need and opportunity for greater partnership between India, and Latin America & Caribbean countries, built on the political, economic and cultural strengths of both the regions


2)     H.E. Mr Javier Paulinich, Ambassador of Peru and Chairman of Grouping of Latin American & Caribbean Ambassadors (GRULAC), said, “as Ambassadors it was our duty to spread the opportunities of a region that brings to India one of the most favourable economic investment environments as well as diversified and great quality goods. Latin America also needs Indian goods and technology’’.


3)     Mr R Viswanathan, Former Indian Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, said the Latin American countries have achieved greater political stability and macro-economic resilience and there was a great opportunity for India both for investments and for import of energy, food and minerals.

4)      Mr T T Ashok, Immediate Past Chairman, CII Southern Region and Managing Director, Taylor Rubber Pvt Ltd, said India was looking for new markets and geographies like Africa and the Latin America and Caribbean as there had been a slow down in its traditional markets in Europe and North America.

5)       Mr M Velmurugan, Executive Vice-Chairman, Guidance Bureau, Industries Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, made a presentation on investment opportunities in Tamil Nadu and the State’s vision for 2023.

6)     Ambassadors of Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Minister Counsellor (Commercial), ProChile Trade Office, Embassy of Chile made presentations on their respective countries.


The LAC region presents a growing market for exporters and investors. Several of the region’s major economies have liberalized their trade and investment environment, implemented inflation-targeting monetary policy and prudent fiscal policy, improving the overall business environment. Keeping this in mind, the Session will focus on Current Trends & Business Opportunities in Latin America and Caribbean.


Ambassadors of the following Countries participated in the conference:


a)    Mr R Viswanathan, Former Indian Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay

b)    H E Mr Javier Paulinich, Ambassador of  Peru & Chairman Group of Latin, American & Caribbean Ambassadors

c)    H E Mr Carlos Duarte, Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil

d)    H E Mr Juan F. Cordero A, Ambassador of Costa Rica

e)    H E Mr Jaime Nualart, Ambassador of Mexico

f)     HE Mr Genaro Vicente Pappalardo, Ambassador of Paraguay

g)   H E Mr Frank Hans Danenberg Castellanos, Ambassador of Dominican Republic

h)    H E Mr Ruben Ignacio Zamora Rivas, Ambassador of El Salvador

i)     H E Mrs Milena Santana-Ramirez, Ambassador of Venezuela

j)     Mr Nestor Riveros, Minister Counselor, ProChile Trade Office, Embassy of Chile


International Finance Corporation and Surana &  Surana where the sponsors of the conference.

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