Training Programme on Workplace Electrical Safety

Electricity, although essential in our daily lives, can turn out to be extremely hazardous if adequate safety measures are not taken. Negligence can lead to loss of lives and properties. Those using or working with electricity may not be the only ones at risk, but others may also be exposed to electrical hazards. Most of these accidents can be avoided by careful planning and straightforward precautions.               

In any organization the electrical standards need to be designed to protect employees who are exposed to dangers such as electric shock, electrocution, fires, explosions, etc. It has been noticed that Electrical Safety in an organization is often the responsibility of the person who is not from electrical background like the facilities managers, risk managers or health & safety officers. They need to undergo systematic training on prevention of electrical hazards in the workplace to increase their competency to determine the safety standards by undertaking risk assessment. This will help them to draw up a comprehensive Electrical Safety Management Plan for the organization. 

Against this backdrop CII Eastern Region organized a 1-day Training Programme on Workplace Electrical Safety on 29 April 2014 at Kolkata. This training programme provided a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of electrical safety and a systematic set of principles for assessing and managing electrical safety in any business and across all sectors of industry and the public sector.

Knowledge Resources
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Introduction and Fundamentals of Electrical Safety & High or Extra-high Voltage Installations by Mr Swapan Mukherjee is consultant, CESC Ltd
Restricted Neutral System of Power Supply for HV/EHV Installations by Mr Ajay Singh, Dy Director, Electrical Safety, DG of Mines Safety, Ministry of Labour & Employment, GOI
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment & Controls in Respect of Electricity by Mr Susanta Kumar Alley, Consultant, Verde Ventures Pvt Ltd
Equipment for Electrical Hazards by Mr Bidyut Chetia, Head - Technical Engineer, Northern & Eastern Zone, 3M India Ltd
Training & Competence by Mr T S Ramanathan, Head - HR, CESC Ltd
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