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Value added agriculture and food processing are recently regarded as sun rise sector of Kerala economy in view of its large potential for economic growth. 

Kerala State holds a prominent share in the production of a number of agricultural commodities of national importance in view of their potential for exports or import substitution. The loss of agricultural produces after harvest is alarmingly high and it is estimated as 30% in the case of fruits and vegetables. In the case of certain fruits like jack, papaya, cashew apple, etc. the loss is almost 90%. A strong and effective agro-processing sector can play a key role in reducing such losses and quality deteriorations by utilising the agricultural produces for the production of value added products. 

The growth potential in this sector is immense in view of the changing food consumption habits, which demands better quality and variety. In order to meet this market led need, new approaches are being developed in agricultural sector including projects in the farm to table chain. Successes in such endeavour require innovations and partnership.

In this background CII organized Conference on value added agriculture and food processing in Kochi on 29 March, 2014 at Kochi.

Knowledge Resources
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Emerging Business Opportunities in Value Added Agriculture by Mr M S A Kumar, MD, AVT Natural Products Ltd
Coconut - A Versatile Crop by Dr K Muralidharan, Director, Coconut Development Board
Value Addition in Agriculture by Mr N K Manoj, MD, Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd
Ensuring Livelihood Security of Farming Community in Kerala by Dr K Prathapan, Mission Director, State Horticulture Mission
Food Safety and Standards Act & Regulations by Mr S V Thampy, Authorised Officer, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
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