Manufacturing: Technology Intervention

Topics covered:

Caterpillar India : Journey towards Manufacturing Excellence - Strategic use of Technology

The session would summarise a business challenge faced by Caterpillar India and the journey they took towards improving the Manufacturing practices in line with Best in Class practices.


About the Speaker:
Mr Santharam Raghavan
Manufacturing Engineering & Quality Functions
Caterpillar India

Mr Santharam is a Post Graduate in Metallurgical Engineering with a PG Diploma in Quality Management. He has 18 Years of Experience in Caterpillar India. He has worked in Quality Management for 7 years, followed by 6 years in Full time 6 Sigma role. Mr Santharam worked as a Black Belt, Master Black Belt and as a Deployment Champion for the India & Indonesia operations.

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World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices - Technology Intervention in Manufacturing
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