Conference on Transformation of Industrial Relations to Employee Relations - Roadmap to Build ‘Employee Champion’ Organizations

CII had organized a Conference on Transformation of Industrial Relations to Employee Relations - Roadmap to Build ‘Employee Champion’ Organizations on 30 July, 2013 at Gurgaon.


The Indian growth story has encountered many roadblocks in the recent past. In such times, it is essential that the industrial wheel of the nation runs uninterrupted, raises the competitiveness of the nation, and also alleviates it of its other malaises. Conflicts at workplace are highly condemnable and avoidable, and their elimination is necessary for overall industrial progress. Steps are to be taken by all the stakeholders to ensure that all concerns should be addressed amicably, and not through the means of conflict or causing harm to the other. The recent incidents of conflicts and even deaths demand us to pause and reflect on our roles in the larger scheme of industrial health.

India’s best asset is its large and growing workforce, a cohort of increasingly literate, innovative and hardworking young people. Indeed, India’s rise towards an inclusive and high-growth economy is predicated on unleashing the dynamism and productivity of its workers.

The management strategies can be well complimented with the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the current scenario. Managers must understand the hierarchy of employee needs to ensure employee involvement, production and motivation, etc because this includes the esteem a person gets from others, managers who understand this can use this tool to help ensure employees and team members feel valued and respected, driving up self-esteem.

IR and HRM are directly relevant to competitiveness, and how they are managed will impact on enterprise performance, e.g. its productivity and quality of goods and services, labour costs, quality of the workforce, motivation, prevention of disputes and not only their settlement, and aligning employee aspirations with enterprise objectives. IR is no doubt undergoing needed changes.Good leaders recognize that if they're to build productive and highly successful teams, they need to understand and look after the needs and well-being of team members. This is a fundamental part of the "emotional contract" between leaders and their teams: When followers know they're being looked after by their leader, they'll usually give their best in return.

With the business world witnessing a sort of Darwinism characterized by stiff competition, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, outsourcing and downsizing, the Employers are coming up with a range of innovative practices to meet up with the challenges posed by the changing environment.

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Conference on Transformation of Industrial Relations to Employee Relations - Roadmap to Build ‘Employee Champion’ Organizations-
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