Green Cementech 2014

The focus areas of Green Cementech 2014 were:

· Recent advancements in pyro-processing & grinding technologies

· Special panel discussion with State Pollution Control Board (PCB) officials on accelerating AFR utilization

· Technological advancement in Waste Heat Recovery systems and operational case studies

· Special focus on innovation in renewable energy applications and financing options

· Energy efficiency in auxiliary equipments

· PAT Scheme – Highlights on progress so far and normalization factors

· Financing options available with Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) for improving energy efficiency

· Recent developments on composite cement & policy framework

· Parallel full day session on Mines & Mines Management focusing on resource conservation,

environmental sustainability, best demonstrated practices and latest technologies.

· Parallel full day session on concrete focusing on high performance concrete, optimal utilization, green

buildings and readymix concrete applications.

·  More than 300 participants, comprising of various stakeholders from the Indian cement sector such as cement manufacturers, equipment suppliers, mining officials, builders, concrete producers, consultants, government representatives, policymakers, research organizations, Pollution Control Boards and faculty from various technical institutions participated in the event. 

·       As part of this event, an exposition was organized wherein 20 companies participated and displayed their latest & emerging technologies and service offerings on energy efficiency, sustainability & environment for cement industry.

·     Mr K N Rao, Co-Chairman, Green Cementech 2014 & Director - Energy & Environment, ACC Limited, addressed all the stakeholders with his ‘Welcome Remarks’.

·      Mr N A Viswanathan, Secretary General, Cement Manufacturers’ Association, in his Special Address, highlighted the accomplishments of Indian cement industry in adoption of various energy conservation technologies for achieving environment sustainability. He also highlighted the progress of cement industry on adoption of waste heat recovery systems and higher thermal substitution of alternate fuels in kilns. Shri Viswanathan also emphasized on the need for more collaborative efforts & participation from all the stakeholders in reducing GHG emission by further improvement in clinker factor via various new cement standards and alternative fuels utilization. 

·         Mr G Jayaraman, Chairman, Green Cementech 2014 & Executive President,

·      Birla Corporation Ltd, in his ‘Keynote Address’ stated that based on current growth projection the Indian construction market will be in excess of 1 Trillion USD by 2015, thus highlighting the positive growth potential and further capacity requirements to meet the increasing demand. He also acknowledged the need for enhanced collective and collaborative approach in cement clusters to overcome the barriers of alternative fuel availability and utilisation. 

He emphasized on the need of favorable policies and regulations required for overcoming the barriers for alternative fuel utilisation. He congratulated all the stakeholders for excellent efforts taken in energy efficiency front such as adoption of waste heat recovery systems and also maintaining transparency within the sector leading to improvement in competency and progressive uniform growth. 

·     Dr N P Shukla, Chairman, Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, in his special address highlighted MPSPCB efforts in promotion of alternative fuel utilization in cement plants and also mentioned about Madhya Pradesh being first state in the country to conduct trials for utilisation of alternative fuels in cement kilns. Based on in his international experience he also shared his observations on thermal substitution levels of more than 48 % in cement kilns He also discussed about the future plans for collaborative working with cement industry to prepare enabling framework to ensure alternative fuel segregation and thus accelerating the use of alternative fuel in cement kilns for global cause of mitigating GHG emissions. 

·   Mr L Rajasekhar, Co-Chairman, Green Cementech 2014 & Executive President, Ultratech Cement Limited, addressed all the stakeholders with his concluding remarks. 

·       Release of Manual on Energy Benchmarking for Cement Industry - Mr N A Viswanathan, Secretary General, Cement Manufacturers’ Association, released a publication ‘Manual on Energy Benchmarking for Cement Industry’ during the inaugural session of the Conference.

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