Stakeholder's Consultation Workshop on India's Renewable Energy Roadmap Initiative

Globally, countries are adopting various techniques to incorporate increasing amounts of renewable energy successfully and cost-effectively in the power sector while ensuring the stability of the grid. From these experiences, it is increasingly clear that these techniques require new forms of collaboration and coordination among various government ministries, agencies, and stakeholders in general. In India also, the roles and responsibilities affecting the development of renewable energy-based electricity generation are spread among several entities. 

India has decided to pursue a commonly-used approach that has been adopted by many countries to ensure this collaboration and coordination through a road-map exercise which will be identifying opportunities, gaps and barriers, defining action items and establishing priorities and timelines. 

CII has been appointed as the operating agent by the Planning Commission to develop a “Roadmap for Accelerated Deployment of Renewable Energy in India”. Our knowledge partners in this effort are the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti) and the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). The result of this process will be presented under the auspices of the 21st Century Power Partnership to the Clean Energy Ministerial in May of 2014. 

With the objective of receiving inputs for developing this Roadmap, CII organised the Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on India’s Renewable Energy Roadmap Initiative on Thursday, 13 February 2014 at Hotel Holiday Home, Shimla. 

The speakers included Mr S C Negi, Chairman, Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission; Mr D K Sharma, Managing Director, Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd; Mr Bhanu Pratap Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency; Mr R D Nazeem, Director – Energy, Government of Himachal Pradesh; Mr Arun Sharma, President, Himalayan Power Producers Association and Mr Sunil Grover, Chief Engineer, Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd. 

The workshop was attended by over 50 delegates.

Knowledge Resources
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Renewable Energy Roadmap for India - Weaving a common strategy by Mr Deepak Gupta, Senior Programme Manager, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Regulatory Perspective on Promotion of Renewable Energy by Mr S C Negi, Chairman, HP State Electricity Regulatory Commission
Implementation of Renewable Energy Programmes in Himachal Pradesh by Mr Bhanu Pratap Singh, CEO, HIMURJA
Open Access Development with Renewable Energy by Mr Sunil Grover, Chief Engineer - System Operation, HPSEB
Challenges in Renewable Energy by Mr Arun Sharma, President, Himalayan Power Producers Association
Sustainable Development of Hydropower - Vision & Challenges for Himachal Pradesh by Mr DK Sharma, MD, HPPCL
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