Executive Training Program on Strategic IP Management for Electronics & IT

·      Growth in startups and associated ecosystem is key to research and manufacturing capabilities in electronics and IT, said speakers at a CII programme on strategic Intellectual Property management.

·        Even as more and more frugal innovations were being explored by leveraging internet as a platform, a lot needs to be done to position India as a hub for new-age electronics, they said.

·       The priorities listed out by them include seamless exchange of ideas between the industry, universities and research institutes.  This can be realised through setting up of full-fledged incubation centres at the educational institutions and encouraging entrepreneurial skills at the school level among others.

·    Infotech Enterprises chairman and managing director BVR Mohan Reddy said, "We expect establishment of 15-20 dedicated electronics incubation centres with the supporting ecosystem in place through public-private partneship."

·        Reddy, who is currently holding the co-chair on CII National Committee on Design, said the country needed 1,000 startups in the next 10 years to inch higher towards a strong and indigenous electronics and IT ecosystem.

·    Growing at high double-digits, the $60-80 billion Indian electronic systems design and manufacturing, has very few domestic players. Conseuently, a majority of the demand is being met through imports.


In today's technology-driven economy, innovations in software and electronics sector are creating new avenues for doing business. These developments in Information & Communication Technologies have also led to increase in IP activity in software & electronics sector. This exponential growth has resulted in pursuance of aggressive software patent portfolio by major IT companies.

IP is being seen as valuable strategic and financial asset. And like any other asset, it should be carefully managed. Without appropriate management, the organization may be unaware of its IP, its value or benefits, or may expose itself to unnecessary risks. With the right people, processes and technology, you can manage your IP assets to add strategic and economic value to your organization. 

Since the development of software required significant investment, and software can be easily copied, it is of utmost importance to the investor that the intellectual property resulting from the investment is protected. In such a scenario, managing and exploiting the valuable intellectual property has become the core element of success for any technology based organization.

Creating an effective IP strategy is so much more than filing a few patents. It involves a detailed understanding of the overall Business Goals and Strategy, and the core and other intangibles owned or managed by the company. The need is to be coupled with an effective intellectual property management portfolio analysis to be competitive. 

The software and electronics industry along with most technology-based industries are innovative and creative. Moreover, the available intellectual property laws around the world are lagging behind the pace at which of technology innovation. With the advent of cloud computing and the proliferation of networked mobile devices, there is an urgent need for policymakers to address the issues arising in the electronics and software sector.

Hence with this background CII organized this executive programme to indicate how Electronics and IT companies with issues on piracy and financial capital, manage their IP, including patent protection of their inventions for market leadership on 16-17 April, 2014 at Hyderabad.

Knowledge Resources
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Patenting Computer Related Inventions by Mr K Subodh Kumar, Corporate IPR Group, TCS
Patenting of Software & Electronics Inventions US & Indian Perspective by Ms Rachna Singh Puri, CEO Xellect IP Solutions
Copyright Issues in software and Computer related inventions by Mr Kishore Kanjilal, Consultant, Airline IT & Software-IPR
Managing Designs by Mr Arun Mohan, Partner, Mohan Associates
Counterfeiting and Piracy: Effects and Solution for the Electronics and IT Sector in various jurisdictions by Mr Arun Mohan, Partner, Mohan Associates
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