Industrial Relations Conclave 2014

A long-term strategy for improved Industrial Relations is crucial for sustainable economic growth and development. The Industrial Relations scenario in the country is changing and both Management and Trade Unions need to take those incremental steps to engage with each other in a continued manner.  There are many successful examples in Indian Industry where Management and Employees have together embarked on the journey to success.

It is important for all stake holders to analyze Cause & Effects, emerging trends, strategies and responses needed to ensure industrial harmony. This will indeed facilitate creation of more employment opportunities, competitiveness and fairness resulting in better shop floor climate and reduced social tensions. Thus there is a need for continuous exchange of thoughts among Employers, Trade Unions and Government. Industrial relations focus on human relations and constitute one of the most delicate and challenging area of the modern industrial society which is characterized by rapid change, industrial growth and sometime conflicting ideologies in the national and international spheres.

It is equally important to understand CEOs expectations from people who are managing day-to-day operations, Gen next workforce and TU Leadership, to successfully carve the balance between Organization and employees’ growth through consistent IR pursuits. Many companies are using employee welfare and development agenda to meet the twin challenges of staying competitive making their products and services better and looking for sustainable inclusive growth. Organizations too have own set of expectations from different stake holders and Government to further explore core concepts of industrial relations through managerial applications and imbibed values.


Good Industrial Relations is not an option anymore but has become compulsive necessity for survival and growth. Today T.U. Leaderships have got vital roles to play along with immense challenges of Global competitive Business Environment. Unions are keeping pace with Gen Next blue collar employees’ aspirations, career progression and social milieu.

Maintenance of harmonious industrial relations is not a one time job but a continuous process. Industry practitioners are keen to understand, what some of the organizations do to keep them ahead of the competition by constantly engaging the workforce while maintaining congenial work environment proactively. It is for larger fraternity benefits, to replicate the success of few Organizations who have used innovative methods to maintain better employee relations. Best Practices related to benefits and welfare of regular and contract workforce is the key differentiator as per prima facie by experts.

Against this backdrop, Confederation of Indian Industry, Eastern Region is organizing ‘IR Conclave 2014’ at 1030 hrs on 24 January 2014 at The Park Hotel, Kolkata.

There would be participation of Thought leaders, Practioners, T.U. Leaders, Business leaders, Government representatives to discuss the following topics:

  • Theme Setting for IR Conclave 2014
  • CEO’s expectations enabling future growth
  • Upcoming Roles and Challenges of Trade Unions in the Competitive Business Environment
  • IR Best Practices and roadmap to continuous improvement
  • Government Interface
Knowledge Resources
You will get access to following Knowledge Resources by subscribing to the Digital Library of this event.
Managing Employee Relation Better by Mr E I Ravindranath, Director & Principal Consultant, Corp-Biz Solutions, Author of ‘Industrial Relations in India’ A Practitioner’s, Handbook, Mc Graw Hill Publications
CEOs Expectation for Enabling Future Growth by Mr Vivek Chawla, Chief Executive, Eastern Region, ACC Ltd
IR Best Practices & Roadmap to Continuous Improvement by Mr Gautam Ray, Executive Director (HR & Admn.), CESC Ltd
IR Best Practices & Roadmap to Continuous Improvement by Mr Surajit Sen, Senior GM - HR, ACC Ltd
A Unique Social Security Scheme for Employers & Workers by Shri B K Sahu, Insurance Commissioner (Revenue), ESIC, New Delhi
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