Conference on "Technological Advancement in Security Systems"

CII organized a Conference on "Technological Advancement in Security Systems" on 25 April, 2014 at Chennai.

There are various security solutions that can be used to reduce incidents of breach and break. While many of these solutions are effective and necessary, no matter how extensive and complete a security portfolio is, there is one element that will never be totally secure. Regardless of the security system in place, the human element will remain an ever-present threat. Over the past decade, information and systems security have become increasingly critical in protecting Reclamation resources. Elevated threats to our infrastructure have necessitated new and improved methods to ensure secure management. Technological advancement has even led to the use of motion detector and the body heat detector. What these devices do is actually look for body heat and things that are moving. There is a need to have a look at the changes that are taking place in Security systems for “Secure & Safe living”.


·         To facilitate knowledge flow by working with various organizations/ institutes and local innovators on a cooperative mechanism and to identify the effects of advanced technologies in the security systems.

·         Forging partnerships for collaborative research and product development with Indian industry.

·     Interacting with Government to establish policy and standards to accelerate the whole vehicle and component enterprises. 


  • India is a Powerhouse for new technology interventions. The country is constantly enlarging its competitiveness in high technology applications.
  • India has a vibrant technologies market for the enhancement of new technologies in the security systems and they would help the key Decision-Makers for implementation.


The conference will be the ideal opportunity for companies to highlight and showcase cutting edge technologies which can be used for all our benefit.

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