Conference on Andhra Pradesh as Multimodal Logistics Hub
  • Since the Multimodal Transport Act, 1993, Indian logistics industry has been growing steadily year on year. Though the growth has primarily come from the Services sector, manufacturing and exports have also risen substantially. Logistics as a function is being increasingly outsourced by manufacturers. However, the Indian logistics sector in many ways still lags behind the global standards of performance. 

  • The average logistics cost in India is around 13% of GDP. Given this, there is a substantial need to invest in, and improve efficiencies in, intermodal and multimodal logistics sector so that the friction costs do not impede the desired shifts. Intermodal logistics is designed to cut transit times, decongest congested modes and reduce logistics cost. Estimates indicate that intermodal logistics can potentially reduce transit times by 40-50%. 

  • Envisaging the potential it holds, the Indian Government and the private sector have already done quite a bit to motivate growth in this sector. While it presents an array of opportunities, intermodal and multimodal logistics brings along several challenges also. To achieve sustainable growth, all stakeholders need to invest time and effort in its development with focus on infrastructure, regulation and technology issues. 

  • Mr. M T Krishna Babu, IAS., Investment & Infrastructure Dept., Government of Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Girish Pillai, Adviser – Infrastructure Railway Board,delivered the special address during the Inaugural Session.
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