Seminar on Transfer Pricing and Cross Border Transactions
  • The Half-a-day event attracted 134 delegates from 85 Companies.

The Finance Minister introduced the Finance Bill 2012 in Parliament on March 16, 2012, which has resulted in overhauling of the Indian TP provisions. New and complex issues have been emerging from transactions entered into between two or more enterprises belonging to the same multinational group. The administration of Transfer Pricing regulations has created lot of legal issues and controversies. Tax authorities globally have been increasing scrutiny of taxpayer’s transfer pricing policies, challenging companies with reduced profitability and imposing transfer pricing adjustments to increase tax payables. Given this background, the Confederation of Indian Industry- SR organized a session on Transfer pricing and Cross Border Transactions, scheduled at 0900 hrs on 17th December 2012 in Chennai.

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Transfer Pricing in manufacturing sector by Mr Vishweshwar Mudigonda, Senior Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt Ltd
Transfer Pricing in services sector by Mr M S Vasan, Head, Global Taxation, Sutherland Global Services
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