Manufacturing: World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices

The Online Master Classes conducted by leading experts and practitioners enabled participants to understand the concepts and its application in day to day operations. The details of Master Classes are given below:


CII Online Master Class on: 


  1. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices - Kaizen held on 27 November, 2012
  2. “Export Opportunities through Countertrade and Offsets" held on 28 November, 2012
  3. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices-5S held on 30 November, 2012
  4. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices- Total Employee Involvement – TQM/TPM  held on 4 December, 2012
  5. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices- Flow Manufacturing held on 7 December, 2012
  6. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices-Inventory Management held on 11 December, 2012
  7. HR Compliance held  on 14 December, 2012 
  8. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices- Technology Intervention in Manufacturing held on 14 December, 2012
  9. Online Master Class on HR Excellence Framework”, held on 22nd January 2013

The topics was delivered with case study presentations by the organizations* who are role models in these practices.

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World Class Manufacturing Practices - Technology Intervention in Manufacturing
World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices - Flow Manufacturing
World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Practices - Kaizen
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