Conference on Agribiotechnology

a)      Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in collaboration with the TERI, Deakin University of Australia and other sponsors organized one day international conference on Agribiotechnology titled “Industrial Relevance in Genomics & Nanobiotechnolgy” on 27th November, 2012, at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi.


b)      The conference was organized to understand the relevant and strategic issues of the growing application of genomics, transgenic technology and Nanobiotechnology for improving crop productivity and increasing efficiency of Indian agriculture.


c)      The inaugural session began with the opening remarks from Mr. Ashwin Shroff, Chairman, CII National Sub-Committee on Agribiotechnology & Chairman and Managing Director, Excel Industries Limited. He discussed the importance of new technologies in agriculture particularly, genetic engineering to develop new transgenic crops to ensure food security to meet food and nutritional security for the growing population of India. “CII Biotech committee is committed and has provided awareness on the safety of these technologies in the past through such conferences and would focus its efforts to promote the growth of the agriculture sector”, he added.


d)     While delivering a special address, Prof. Lee Astheimer, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Research), Deakin University, Australia also stressed upon the potential of genomics and nanobiotechnolgy to solve most of the challenges of agriculture today.


e)      Mr. Salil Singhal, Co-Chairman, CII Agriculture Council and Chairman & Managing Director PI Industries Limited, in his special address emphasized on the need of policy makers to bring about substantial reforms to ensure availability and accessibility of food to all and achieve sustainable and inclusive growth. He appealed to NGOs to try to understand the real benefits of transgenic crops so that the future, food and nutritional security is ensured. “Role of Nanotechnology such as Nanosensors and nano-based smart delivery systems could help ensure natural resources like Water, nutrients & chemicals are used efficiently in agriculture”, he suggested.


f)        Prof. Deepak Pental, Director, Centre for genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants, University of Delhi in his keynote address discussed the urgent need to encourage GM Department of Science and Technology Ministry of Science and Technology (transgenic) technology in Indian agriculture and the need for effective communication with all stakeholders.


g)      Dr. P.L Gautam, Chairman, Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Authority, Government of India, New Delhi discussed the need of having a blend of both conventional and new technology practices in Indian Agriculture.


h)       Dr. Alok Adholeya, Director, Biotechnology & Management of Bioresources, TERI in the closing remarks discussed the active role TERI is playing in delivering new technology in agriculture to the farmers. He also emphasized on the “need of conversion of waste material into nano materials”. He also proposed the vote of thanks in the end.


i)        The two sessions on Genomics and GM technology emphasized again on the need and opportunity for India to benefit from biotechnology especially in the field of agriculture.


j)       Discussions on the requirement of serious efforts to develop a system to deliver innovative products based on nanobiotechnology. Again the group made a sincere appeal to all stakeholders to come together and make use of novel biotech products as the country’s biological resources are to be used for the developing the country. Again policy imperatives to embrace new technologies were emphasized by all speakers.


In order to understand the relevance and strategic issues of the growing application of genomics and nanotechnology in improving agriculture practices and productivity Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with The TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre, TERI, New Delhi organized a one-day International Conference on Agri-Biotechnology with a theme the “Industrial Relevance in Genomics and Nanobiotechnology” on 27 November 2012, New Delhi.


-To create awareness on the strength and potential of Genomics and Nanobiotechnology to improve the agriculture practices.
-To introduce the new generation technologies in the areas of Genomics and Nanotechnology based strategies and/or products with the capability to improve Indian agriculture.
-Understand the vision and opportunities in Nanobiotechnology to improve agriculture through Interaction with National experts and International experts from Australia.
-Discuss and evolve policy recommendations on use of Genomics and Nanotechnology in improving agriculture productivity and practices.

The conference will have expert speakers from Teri Deakin Nanobiotechnology center, Australia and Indian Agribiotechology Industry. The conference will provide opportunity to understand the latest developments in the area of genomics and Nanotechnology and their applications for improving agriculture productivity. The conference will be a great networking platform for industry experts, research institutes and Academia.

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Agri Biotechnology: Industry Perspective and Challenges by Mr Raju Kapoor, Executive Director, National Seed Association of India
Biodiversity Conservation and Current Concerns by Dr J L Karihaloo, Executive Director, Asia - Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology (APCoAB)
Fabrication and Characterisation of Porous nanomaterials by Prof Lingxue Kong, Professor, Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University
Nanomaterials for Catalytic Transformation of Cellulosic Biomass to Fuels and Valued Chemicals by Dr Saha, University of Delhi
Nanomaterials in Agriculture: Promises and Concerns by Dr Anand Gole, Lead Scientist-Advanced Materials & Green Chemistry, Tata Chemicals Ltd-Innovation Center
Nanotechnologies in fertilizer and supplement: New opportunities by Dr Alok Adholeya, TERI (Agriculture biotechnology)
Nanotechnology in Delivery of Agrochemicals (Nano-Formulations) by Dr P K Patanjali, Head of the Department- Formulations, Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology (IPFT)
Proteins in Ag-bio space - enabler or necessity by Dr Prabuddha Kundu, Executive director, Premas Biotech Pvt Ltd
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