CII-Conference on "Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices"
  • Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Dilip D Parulekar speaking at the conference on ‘Next Wave of Green Practices,’ jointly organised by CII and Government of Goa said that green practices in Goa’s hospitality and tourism industry are being implemented through eco-friendly toilets that are proposed to be set up in the beach belt of the state which are also known as chemical toilets are absolutely essential for the benefit of tourists who visit the beaches. Another aspect where Goa could go green is wrt Garbage its disposal and going plastic free. Thought the volumes were not as large as other states it is still a matter of concern by the rate at which it is generated. stated the Minister.


  • Mr. Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman CII WR stated that Goa being a small state, could easily address the problems by taking all stakeholders into confidence unlike other states and cities by analyzing and then taking issues to its logical conclusion. He remarked that there was no better place in the country to host a Green Conference than Goa itself being such a beautiful place. He stated that there is a need for development but development should not go beyond a point so as to affect the environment and the industry should own this responsibility being the main force in creating demand, aspirations, etc thus not only ensuring value added goods and services but also concern for the environment and sustainable overall growth. As regards the investment by the industry collectively not only will be more than that of the Govt. but the investments should be made sensibly and in a green manner taking into consideration the conservation of resources and environment. He further went to state that the an  industry can be called green only when it practices green principles in terms of its products, manufacturing processes,  infrastructure, vendors etc and the wholesomeness conduct of green operations would make it eligible to be green and that CII was proactively working towards advocating green practices and achieving sustainable growth.


  • Mr. R Mukundan, Deputy Chairman CII WR & MD, Tata Chemicals Ltd spoke about the impact of human activity on planet earth and the whole issue is that will this activity leave scope for the future generations to live comfortably or not. He also stressed the need to educate people on the concept of green practices and being committed to make one own-self and the younger generation more responsive to protect environment and being more sustainable. He also briefed about the various green initiatives that his company was adopting in terms of power & water conservation, waste reduction, product modifications and measures to address the overall carbon footprint. He hoped that this green movement initiated by the CII would go along in addressing the various issues and engage with all the stakeholders in driving the agenda in the coming years with support of the Govt. and the industry in moving ahead in one direction.


  • Adv. Francisco de Braganza, President TTAG stated “The time has come when hotels need to set up poultry, dairy and piggery farms so as to contain food waste generated at the source itself, thereby reducing pressure on existing waste disposal sites.” He stated that a few hotels in North Goa are taking up measures to conserve energy and water. Water harvesting, harnessing solar energy, plastic free campaigns and re-cycling of waste within hotels to reduce the load on the outside sources were suggested. Mr. Braganza said that many 3 star hotels and those with 100 rooms have already started taking initiatives to control pollution and were almost at par on this issue with manufacturing industries. He sought that hotels taking up green initiatives should also be given incentives to pursue these initiatives.


  • Mathew J Samuels Former Tourism Secretary said, “Tourists cannot be taken for granted as increasing problems of poor garbage management and weak sewerage disposal systems will take their toll on tourism. He said, “This is already indicative from the fact that Goa is getting lower tourist arrivals.” During the discussion Samuels also impressed on the need for Zero tolerance for litter through stringent legislation and fines. 


  • Nikhil Desai Director Tourism, stated that the ministry would not tolerate lower segment tourists arriving in Goa in buses and cooking and defecating along roadsides. He was in tandem with the hospitality industry on green practices in tourism and reiterated that the new Mater Plan and Tourism policy would set the benchmark for introduction of environment friendly infrastructure for the next 50 years.


  • Ralph de Sousa, Past Chairman, CII Goa Council, and Past President TTAG stated that Sustainable tourism attempts to make minimal impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for locals, as well as to promote the conservation of local ecosystems. He suggested a Goa Tourism Development Board, diversifying tourism to the hinterland and engaging local communities in related activities like village tourism, eco-tourism, heritage, spiritual, river, and adventure tourism thus using our culture, heritage and lifestyle to promote Goa’s Tourism. Goa’s lifestyle is another USP and a great crowd drawer, which we have to capitalise on, rather than compromise. 


  • Sanjit Rodrigues, Commissioner of the Corporation of the City of Panaji presented on how Panjim was going green through its systematic waste management. He appealed to the industry as a whole to support the initiatives introduced and to be sensitive to the need of the hour to control generation of tonnes of garbage which was posing a huge problem for not only Panjim but entire Goa.


  • Anil Kher, Chairman CII Goa Council Atul Pai Kane Vice Chairamn CII Goa Council, Dileep Rangaraj, Regional Manager, BASF India Ltd, Pradeep Banerjee, Executive Director – Supply Chain, HUL, Bernd Stampfl, Sustainability Practice, Siemens, K Balakrishnan, United Technologies Corporation India Pvt. Ltd, Vishal Pandya, Director, Reconnect Energy, Sujitkumar Nag, Chief Projects & Engineering officer. DIAL GMR, Vinod Kumar Chandra, Town Planner, Town & Country Planning, GoG, Arun Kashikar, Asst Vice President Research & Development, TATA Housing Development Company Limited Narendra S Singh, Head-Products & Strategy, Otis Elevator Company (India) Limited also spoke at the event.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Goa Chapter has taken the initiative to advance the Green Practices in Goa through the involvement of stakeholders of the industry. CII sensitizes key stakeholders to embrace Green practices and facilitates market transformation, paving way for India to become one of the global leaders in Green businesses.

Towards this the Government of Goa and CII Goa Chapter had organized a one-day conference on "Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices" on 19 January 2013 at Panaji Goa.

The Conference on 19 January 2013 was attended by prominent speakers and top CEOs and brands like GE, Siemens, HUL, GMR, Tata, Cummins, UTC etc from across the nation were speaking at the conference. Mr. Dilip Paulekar, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Govt of Goa, Mr. Parimal Rai, Secretary Industries, Mr. Nikhil Desai, Director Tourism, Mr. R K Verma, Secretary Tourism, Mr. P Mathew, Secretary Nonconventional Energy, Mr. S T Puttaraju, Chief Town Planner and other were also spoke at the conference.

Focus & Coverage: Green Manufacturing, Green/Eco Tourism, Green/Alternate Energy, Green Infrastructure: Corporate & Residential arena.

Objective of the Conference:

· To mainstream the green movement and enable the State of Goa to emerge as a major player in green revolution for a major transformation. in Green practices / concepts in the Manufacturing, Service, Infrastructure and Hospitality Industry
· Showcase innovative Green Technologies / Green Products / Equipment / Services
· Expose the participants to the latest global trends, concepts & techniques in Green Businesses
· Provide a platform for networking,
· Facilitate exploring new business opportunities
· Enable market transformation of green products and equipment

Conference Features:

· One-day Conference
· Opportunity to display green products / technologies / concepts parallel to the conference.

Who attended: The Programme was found relevant and useful for all those working in the areas of:

· Manufacturing Sector: Green Technologies, Green Product Manufacturers and suppliers
· Service Sector: Soft Technology Companies, Hospitality, Consultant & Professionals
· Construction Sector: Builders, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers
· Government: Ministers, Bureaucrats, Government officials, Depts / Agencies, Policy / Decision makers
· Exhibitors: Manufacturer, Material suppliers and Service Providers.

In the event you wish to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company's presence and committed stake in green practices and your contribution towards the environment or promote your product/service to a highly focused audience besides networking with the participants thereby gaining an additional exposure and maximizing your company’s profile and presence, you may contact the Goa Office.

Green Manufacturing

Rapid economic and industrial growth, coupled with quick urbanization, and an unprecedented increase in population and purchasing power, especially amongst the emerging economies, has magnified demand and consumption at both the international and the domestic level. This extraordinary spurt has led to an increase in GHG emissions, growing demand for scarce resources like energy, water, and raw materials, coupled with large quantities of waste generation, particularly from urban centres. It is estimated that by 2030, global energy demands will increase by 40% of the current usage.

Green Manufacturing can be simply defined as sustainable industrial activity which involves using Green Energy, developing and selling Green Products and employing Green Processes in business operations. Driven by increasing social response and increasing consumer demand for Green Products; Green Manufacturing creates business opportunities allowing companies to transform their business strategies and gain competitive advantage. It enables industry to be efficient through optimal utilization of natural resources and minimal waste generation.

According to the CII-BCG report on Green Manufacturing released in 2011, 92% of manufacturing companies worldwide are engaged in green initiatives. Mindful of the future effects of current manufacturing processes and rising consumer demand for Green Products, industry is moving towards adopting sustainable or manufacturing processes. Today, companies are moving towards sustainability not only due to regulatory or environmental pressures but also because sustainability models reap much larger revenues, sales and opportunities for employment generation. In India rising consumer demand for Green Products, competitiveness, rising input and energy costs, increasing environmental regulatory pressures and dependency on depleting natural resources etc, have led Indian industry into making concerted efforts to adopt Green Manufacturing.

In this session is intended to bring together industry leaders from several Indian manufacturing companies across sectors which have transformed their manufacturing processes on a sustainability path through innovative design, technology and engineering, and attained healthy growth.

Green Tourism

Goa with its scenic beauty, architecture, heritage, art and culture has established itself as a popular tourist destination in the National and International arena. While fostering well being of visitors with the local populace and create a win-win situation for all, Result-oriented efforts need to be made to ensure energies remain directed towards sustainable tourism measures that should promote, protect, and preserve the heritage, natural beauty, ecology and environment if we wish Tourism to be the mainstay for the economy of the state.

Hotels today are making efforts through corporate social responsible for maintaining a greener and healthier environment. 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' would lay a less stress on the ecology. This can be achieved only by the cooperation and combined efforts of all encompassing local participation, creating awareness and internal conservation through energy-saving gadgets and environment-friendly material, where one gives back as much as one takes from the environment.

Green Energy

Increasing cost of existing resources has led to growth in cost of energy. In India, energy costs have risen by more than three fold in the last decade. In this context, energy efficiency can prove to be a effective tool to the industry. Since energy cost is a major component of production cost, excellence in energy efficiency ensures a healthy bottom line through the most productive consumption of energy. Energy efficiency also enables resource conservation bringing down the need for more resources. It also leads to reduced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, lesser pollution levels and a healthier environment.

The session would address various concepts, techniques and technologies of alternate Energy that would help the Industry in effective energy conservation..

Green Infrastructure, Corporate & Residential

The construction industry is one of the largest economic activities contributing to India's development. India has been witnessing tremendous growth in building and construction sector for the past 5 years. With the increase in income levels, there are also changes in the life styles of various sections of the society. While this is a healthy trend, it is putting enormous pressure on the resource demand - like energy, water, materials, etc.

Green concepts and State of the Art construction technologies have had the least effect on the ecology such as encouraging green products like intelligent building management systems, energy efficient lighting & pumping systems, energy star rated products, compressed air management systems, fly-ash based building materials, high performance glass, eco friendly furniture, waterless urinals, electric bike, UPVC doors & windows smart energy management products & services etc., covering all aspects of green buildings, energy efficiency, eco-friendly products, renewable energy and environment management.

The session would address how various green products and environment friendly technologies can be implemented in Infrastructure projects such as Airports, Corporate/ industry and Residential buildings.

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Mr Anil Kher, Chairman, MD, Micro Interconnexion Pvt Ltd at the Inaugural session of the Conference on “Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices”
Mr Pradeep Bhargava, Director, Cummins Generator Technologies India Ltd at the Inaugural session of the Conference on “Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices”
Mr R Mukundan, MD Tata Chemicals Ltd at the Inaugural session of the Conference on “Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices”
Mr Dilip D Parulekar, Hon'ble Minister for Tourism, Govt of Goa at the Inaugural session of the Conference on “Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices”
Mr Atul Pai Kane, MD, Power Engineering (India) Pvt Ltd at the Inaugural Session of the Conference on “Riding the Next Wave of Green Practices”
Mr Sanjit Rodrigues, MD, GSIDC and Commissioner CCP GoG on “Green Manufacturing”
Mr Dileep Rangaraj, Regional Manager, BASF India Ltd on “Green Manufacturing”
Mr Pradeep Banerjee, Executive Director – Supply Chain, HUL on “Green Manufacturing”
An Open House Discussion on Green Manufacturing
Mr Nikhil Desai, Director Tourism, Govt of Goa on “Green Tourism”
Mr Ralph De Sousa, Chairman, DeSouza Group on “Green Tourism”
Mr Bernd Stampfl, Sustainability Practice, Siemens on “Green Tourism”
Mr Francisco De Braganca, President, Travel & Tourism Association of Goa on “Green Tourism”
Mr P Mathew Samuel, IAS, Secretary Non Conventional Energy, Govt of Goa on “Green Tourism”
An Open House Discussion on Green Tourism
Mr Pradeep Bhargava, Director, Cummins Generator Technologies India Ltd on “Green Energy”
Integrated Solutions for High Performance Building Systems by Mr K Balakrishnan, United Technologies Corporation India Pvt. Ltd
Sustainable Energy by Mr Vishal Pandya, Director, Reconnect Energy
An Open House Discussion on Green Energy
Mr Atul Pai Kane, MD, Power Engineering (India) Pvt Ltd on “Green Energy”
Green Townships Palace Gardens by Mr V Suresh, Principal Executive Officer: HIRCO
Green and Smarter Infrastructure IGI Airport by Mr Sujit kumar Nag, Chief Projects & Engineering officer. DIAL GMR
Green Development Ecology and Environment Management Plan by Mr Vinod Kumar Chandra, Town Planner, Town & Country Planning, GoG
Green Townships By Mr Arun Kashikar, Asst VP, Research & Development, TATA Housing Development Company Ltd
Going Green Philosophy & Gen2 Elevator by Mr Narendra S Singh, Head-Products & Strategy, Otis Elevator Company (India) Ltd
An Open House Discussion on Green & Smarter Infrastructure
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