Education Excellence Forum Workshop Chennai 2012-13

Participation was from about 4 senior faculty members (representing different disciplines) from  each EEF member Institution in the workshop.

The workshop identified:

1.       the domains/disciplines that will help to define the areas for working out activities for the forum

2.       champions for the identified disciplines from the respective EEF member institutions

3.       spell the activities for the modules to rollout the calendar of events  


CII organized the Education Excellence Forum Workshop Chennai 2012-13 on 12 October, 2012 at Chennai.

The objective of EEF is to address the core components of Education viz. Faculty, Student & Curriculum to transform the employability quotient of the Industry. It is a yearlong activity to provide architected interventions and recommendations for a synergistic outcome.

In this direction CII had called its Member Institutions to form EEF – each EEF a cluster of 10 colleges, with each state to index two EEFs.

This envisages EEF to embrace 100 colleges impacting 10,000 students and 200 faculties.

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Education Excellence Forum (EEF) by Dr N Chandrasekaran, Chairman Steering Committee EEF & VP-Corporate Affairs – Take Solutions Ltd
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