"MATRAM 2012" Modern Approach for Traffic Regulation Administration & Management

a)      Mechanisms which are set up to deal with the traffic management in Bangalore were discussed at the conference.


b)     Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), M A Saleem discussed how the traffic police have been dealing with the phenomenal growth in vehicular traffic. Use of Blackberrys, wireless printers and other advancements like traffic surveillance cameras reduce the accidents and help us implement traffic rules better too," Saleem added.


c)      The two-day conference aims to bring together various industry experts and department heads to examine the current status of traffic management and regulatory issues in major metros in South India.


d)      R Srikumar, Vigilance Commissioner, Lalrokhuma Pachao, DG&IGP, Karnataka police, further threw light on the regulatory issues in these metros.


e)      The sessions throughout the day hosted speakers like Vivek Moorthy from IIM-B, who suggested a vehicle are levy that would tax people annually based on the size of their vehicles. He focused on how this method would restrict the use of big cars, solving a major part of the congestion issues.  He also said that there should not be restrictions on commercial transport vehicles because ultimately these are going to be the last mile connectivity.


f)       Experts from across the country and places like the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore made presentations on related issues.


Modern Approach for Traffic Regulation Administration & Management “Chaos to Transformation” held on 20 - 21st December 2012 at Bangalore.

The vehicular traffic pattern on Indian roads is highly chaotic, and it may get worse with time. Currently, there are estimated 30 million vehicles on the road, and this figure is growing at a rate of 15-17 percent annually with thousands of new vehicles hitting the roads every day. With this, the demand for resources to manage traffic is also increasing immensely. The responsibility of the maintenance of transport infrastructure is shared by many agencies operating at the central and state levels, while traffic regulation is the duty of the local traffic police. This multiplicity of agencies without significant operational coordination among them has also bottlenecked traffic management. The involvement of ‘human element’ in traffic control can lead to potentially dangerous situations. The country witnesses about 23 road accidents per thousand vehicles ? an alarming figure that is one of the highest in the world.

Thus, MATRAM 2012 aimed to examine the current state of traffic management and the problems faced by the public; analyse the available technologies and the need for upgradation to ensure safety, vulnerability and mobility issues. The major attraction of the event was the best practices by Netherland, Singapore & Hong Kong to evolve a roadmap for efficient traffic management and administration to transform the present chaotic scenario and make the travellers experience stress free with maximum safety. 

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A Modern Approach for Traffic Regulation, Administration and Management by Capt Arjun Vikram Singh, Founder & CEO, Quantum – BSO Consulting
B-TRAC– Technology Driven Traffic Management by Dr M A Saleem, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police -Traffic, Bangalore City
Delivering essential services to millions of people around the world by Mr Pushkar Kulkarni, Managing Director, Serco India Pvt Ltd
Emerging Trends in Road Safety by Mr P K Singh, General Manager, Highways Safety Division, 3M India
Participatory Sensing in Bus Information System by Dr Bhushan G Jagyasi, Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs, Mumbai
Traffic Management Initiatives in Chennai by Mr Sanjay Arora, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Chennai
Traffic Operations and Management by Police by Mr C V Anand, IPS AddlCP, Traffic Hyderabad City Police
Trauma Care in Hospitals Opportunities & Challenges by Dr Mabel Vasnaik, Consultant and Head, Adult Emergency Department, Manipal Hospital
Urbanisation Intelligent Transportation System: How Transportation can lead the way into a safe and sustainable future by Mr Debasish Debsikdar, Leader - Smarter Transportation, IBM India/South Asia
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