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Public Health Understanding Key to Building Trust Digital Health to Ensure Last Mile Delivery Indian medical device sector to grow to a USD 25 billion market by 2025
Oct 29, 2021

Technology and digitisation have further enabled widespread diffusion of health services and has enabled access and affordability of care to the most vulnerable sections of society. India is currently in a position to facilitate and help develop the necessary roadblocks towards Digital Health Architectures domestically and for Asia. Our current society is driven by technology and data. Data, moving forward, is essential for any public health program and is required for evidence-based decision making. A push for convergence is required to break down the economic barriers and constraints that are currently prevalent and help provide service and value at a much more cost effective and efficient manner. Convergence of healthcare should help enable quality care, improve accessibility and improve affordability for the general public by creating a holistic environment.

Dr VK Saraswat, Member, NITI Aayog speaking at CII Asia Health 2021 stated  that the Indian medical devices market stood at INR 77,539 crore in 2020. The market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 35.4% from 2020 to 2025, reaching INR 352, 450 crores. Indian medical device sector is expected to grow to a USD 25 billion market by 2025. The key drivers of growth for medical technology in India can be attributed to the changing medical technology landscape, improving healthcare delivery and financing and changing patient process. He further stated that healthcare ecosystems of the future will be centered on the patients through; support payment and financing, leverage support service, connect consumers with traditional modalities of care, tracking daily life activities and integrating home, near home and virtual care services.

Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush stated for entrepreneurship development, MoAYUSH is creating an enabling environment.137 studies have been initiated over 156 institutions and 30 publications are available in the journals. There is a large-scale consensus between industry and Government of India that these types of models should be facilitated. Ayush Sanjeevani app can receive around 1.46 crore datasets. Evidence should be there and AYUSH integration has to be done for covid patients.

India has a huge advantage to move away from the cultural baggage that is associated with clinicals in the rest of the world. The ability to leapfrog in a new data driven and digital drive model of healthcare is there. This may not improve trust in the system; however, it may drive improved outcomes stated Sir Malcolm John Grant, Founding Chairman, NHS England, United Kingdom.

Technology alone is not enough and needs to be have user acceptability. A strategy partially digital and that employing human resources need to converge which can go on to provide equitable and accessible quality of care stated Dr Randeep Guleria, Chairman CII Public Health Council and Diretcor, AIIIMS speaking on providing care to 1.3 billion aspirational Indians.

Ms Suneeta Reddy, Co-Chair – CII Healthcare Council & Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd speaking on building trust in healthcare delivery stated that if you look at the clinical outcomes at the private sector hospitals in India, the clinical outcomes are of international standards. We need to work with state governments through public private partnership to improve certain aspects of trust

There must be a flow of floating technology in the country.  Need to bring-in certain schemes for MSMEs companies, support scheme for ancillary and small part companies that will drive the industry and also develop an ecosystem around us with the support of Govt. Digitization has to go out to public domain as what India has done and achieved. India can become champion for the world and achieve global scale for particular Indian products stated Mr Himanshu Baid, Chairman – CII Med Tech Forum and Chairman & Managing Director, Poly Medicure Limited.

There is a need to integrate AYUSH grid into NDHM. A better tomorrow can happen only after a transformation of health lifecycle which looks at disease wellbeing expressed Mr Rajiv Vasudevan, Chairman, CII AYUSH Forum & CMD Ayurvaid Hospital. So that where AYUSH is present today to complete the healthcare value chain and particularly the focus of this year’s Ayurveda Day is Ayurveda for Poshan.

India will become a hub for Medtech as we have scaled-up on many things.  We need a common regulatory platform which should be global as India needs to become a hub.  There should be overall control with one body such as Ministry of Pharma, CDSCO.  Going forward, we need to have regulatory pathway which should be predefined that industry can follow stated Mr Sanjay Bhutani, Co-Chairman, CII Med Tech Forum and Managing Director, Bausch & Lomb Eyecare (I) Pvt. Ltd.

CII Asia Health 2021, held on 28-29 October, saw participation of over 2,500 from 15 countries including India. CII Asia Health 2021 saw Experts from around the globe saw the coming together to deliberate on thought leadership and discuss on Health, Technology, Ayurveda and how these systems can ensure healthcare delivery across Asia through India. Eminent Dignitaries, national speakers and international speakers addressed knowledge sessions on a wide range of issues that cuts across the healthcare spectrum looking to develop a cohesive industry engagement with core cross sectoral policy dialogues and strategic exchanges.

CII is committed to the vision of putting India back on the map, with the Indian healthcare leading the way.

29 October 2021

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