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About CII Research
The CII Research team regularly tracks economic, political and business developments within India and abroad to comment on the emerging economic scenario for the Indian corporate sector.With the mandate to keep members updated on economic, political and business conditions across the country and abroad, the CII Research team.

Tracks emerging developments in the domestic and international economic space.
Comments on policy developments to analyse the immediate as well as long-term impact of policychanges.
Presents comprehensive industry analysis to understand the industry dynamics and assess thegrowth potential and profitability in the broad regulatory and policy environment.
Conducts surveys to reflect business conditions and sentiment.
We have in-house expertise in providing the most comprehensive, in-depth, unbiased and incisive analysis and forecasts on the Indian economy and various sectors. CII Research is also well versed and well equipped to offer customized research based consultancy services on any theme. It has been catering to the needs of various stakeholders including industries, business houses and government providing meaningful insights about the prevailing trends, outlook on likely future trends, factors behind these trends, existing government policies and policy recommendations with an objective to help stakeholders in better understanding of the issues at hand. The objective of CII Research is to assist stakeholders in taking more informed and strategic decisions with due focus on the attainment of short term as well as long term goals.

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