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CII suggests similar to Odd-Even, Delhi Government to consider introducing “Last Digit Automobile Rationing Scheme”
Apr 18, 2016

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has suggested that Government of NCT of Delhi can introduce 'Last Digit Automobile Rationing' scheme on Delhi roads to reduce pollution and congestion in the city.

CII has done a preliminary analysis and submitted to Chief Minister, Dy Chief Minister, Transport Minister and Chief Secretary of Delhi Government (analysis attached). 

The ‘Last Digit Automobile Rationing’ of vehicles would mean that the Registration of vehicle number plates ending with 1 would not be allowed to drive on roads on 1st, 11th, 21st and 31st (date) of a month. Similarly, cars ending with number 2 would not be allowed to drive on roads on 2nd, 12th and 22nd (date).  We suggest that the  Last Digit rationing should be done for every digit from 0 to 9 covering all automobiles – passenger cars, 2 wheelers, taxis which include large numbers Diesel SUVs, Commercial vehicles  without giving exemption to any category other than vehicles on CNG , busses , Ambulances , Fire brigades and Police vehicles.

As per a study done by United States Environmental Protection Agency, the universal average (Petrol and Diesel) CO2 emission from a car is 257 grams for every Kilometer run and approximately 75 grams for 2 Wheelers and 3 Wheelers.

Based on this, a preliminary study undertaken by CII shows that if a vehicle travels for 10 Km’s every day for 365 days of the year, then the vehicle will emit 9.4 lac grams of CO2 in the air. Subsequently, if all registered vehicles of the Delhi State run for 10 Km’s for 365 days, then they are bound to emit 1,277,288 tons of CO2 in the Delhi’s Environment. 

Taking this further, if Odd-Even Scheme is implemented for 15 days every quarter of the year, which means four times in a year for 60 days, then the total reduction in CO2 emission would be to the tune of 4,823 tons in a year, which is 0.37% of the total emission in the year. It is notable that the Odd-Even scheme is only applicable to Private 4 wheelers with exemption to 2 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, commercial vehicles, women drivers and CNG fitted cars. 

On the other hand, if Last Digit Automobile Rationing Scheme is implemented throughout the year, then the total reduction in emission would be 10,549 tons in a year, which means reduction is 0.82% of the total emission in the year, provided that only commercial vehicles including busses, taxis etc., Police vehicle, Ambulances and Fire brigades are exempt from this scheme. 

Subsequently, if the Last Digit Automobile Rationing Scheme for two digits is implemented throughout the year, then the total reduction in CO2 emission would be21,099 tons which will be a 1.6% reduction in the total Carbon Di-oxide output in the city through vehicles.


Below table explains the calculation












No of Cars in Delhi (2012)


Per Km CO2 Emission*

(Average of Petrol & Diesel)

Total Emission in a Day

Total Emission in a Year

Total Emission Reduced by Odd Even in 60 days *

Total Emission Reduced by Last Digit Automobile Rationing - 1 Digit **

Total Emission Reduced by Last Digit Automobile Rationing - 2 Digits ***

Private  4 Wheelers









Private 2 Wheelers









Commercial Vehicles (Includes HCV & Buses)











Total Reduced Emissions





Percentage Reduction




* factoring in 20% are Women Drivers and 5% CNG cars in Delhi. Half the number of cars running on roads for 60 days

** factoring 5% CNG cars in Delhi and 10% cars which are off the road everyday

*** factoring 5% CNG cars in Delhi and 20% cars which are off the road everyday

Disclaimer: These statistics are indicative based on approximate figures

Given the above analysis, the ‘Last Digit Automobile Rationing’ scheme could be made permanent, since it does not add much pressure on public transport system as well and we suggest the State Government to consider implementing it for at least one Month. 

The detailed preliminary study of CII with comparison between Odd-Even Car Rationing and Last Digit Automobile Rationing, is in Annexure-I.


Mr Subodh Bhargava, Past President, CII, and; Chairman, Tata Communications Limited: “It is good to see fewer cars on roads but we understand Odd-Even scheme cannot be made permanent. Hence, we suggest an alternative which is the 'Last Digit Automobile Rationing’ scheme. Vehicle ending with a particular digit, for e.g. 1 should not be allowed to run on the road on 1st, 11th, 21st and 31st of the month. Similarly vehicles ending with 2 should not be allowed to run on 2nd, 12th and 22nd of the month. It should be done for every digit from 0 to 9 with very few exemptions – Police vehicles , Ambulances , Fire brigades , busses  and the  vehicles on CNG. This will release  pressure on the traffic situation,  mitigate to great extent the individual solution to acquire the second car with ‘other’ digit and  reduce pollution in Delhi”.

Ms Rumjhum Chatterjee, Chairperson, CII Northern Region, and; Group Managing Director, Feedback Infra Private Limited: “This is a unique step taken by the Delhi Government again. The industry fully supports this decision and other measures to clean the air of Delhi. Cleaning up the environment should be the top priority and I can see State Government is fully committed to make Delhi a more livable city”. 

Mr Madhav Shriram, Chairman, CII Delhi State, and; Director, DCM Shriram Industries Limited: “Looking at the congestion and rising pollution levels, we believe that this was a revolutionary approach which was adopted in January this year. It is good to see that the State Government has rolled out Odd-Even 2.0 as it was again trivially needed at this moment. I applaud the Delhi Chief Minister, Mr Arvind Kejriwal for his innovative thinking. His and his Cabinet’s decision to abide by the rules and regulations set by them, National Green Tribunal and the Supreme Court will only encourage the common man in Delhi to inculcate good practices”. 

16 April 2016
New Delhi

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