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CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence
To become an International Centre of Excellence for Training and Development for building a culture of manufacturing excellence for Indian Industry.

SERVICES Management Development Programmes
This Centre organises short duration management development programmes for the middle and senior level executives of Indian industries covering manufacturing sector as also in the areas of finance and financial services, HR, IT, marketing, etc. In a year approximately 80 - 90 programmes are held. The uniqueness of this Centre is that it promotes learning through small groups and intensive interaction with the faculty, which is predominantly drawn from industry experts and practitioners.

MSc in Engineering Business Management of University of Warwick, UK (known as ACE in India)
This is a modular programme specifically designed for practising managers in manufacturing which is conducted in India by Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, UK in collaboration with the CII, since 1995. For CII, CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence is the coordinating unit.

This is a unique programme, which equips managers to appreciate the intrinsic processes of managing engineering business. It leads to MSc in Engineering Business Management of University of Warwick. In a year about 6 - 7 modules under this programme are held by the Centre in Mumbai. Currently managers from 35 companies have registered for participation. In addition, companies sponsor their managers for modules of their choice.

The programme has inbuilt flexibility both for the sponsoring companies as well as nominated managers in a way that the absence of participants at workplace is for minimum period. It also offers a win-win situation for both the sponsoring companies as well as the participating managers - the participants acquire better qualifications, the companies get better equipped managers as well as assignments and a project on relevant topic.

Programme for Visionary Corporate Leaders in Manufacturing : VLFM
VLFM is a national programme to develop leaders in manufacturing under the Indo-Japan Cooperation Agreement 2006.

It focuses on imparting skill-based training in addition to conventional methods of knowledge and understanding. Learning's gained from the programme have immediate application in the industry. The programme comprises five modules of one-week each through 30% theory and 70% practical application. Between each module there is be a five to seven weeks gap. During this period, in addition to the homework, participants are expected to apply their learning's at their workplace.

In-company Programmes
The Centre offers customised company specific programmes also. Such programmes have been held so far all over the country for a large number of companies.

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