Chandigarh: Overview of Sectoral Policies


IT Policy

The policy envisions e-Governance encompassing:

  • SPIC: To promote e-governance, software exports, consulting services and IT infrastructure Chandigarh administration promoted SPIC (Society For Promotion of IT in Chandigarh).
  • M-Sampark: It is service provided through mobile to give whole range of information of e-sampark services.
  • CITROP- It is a program to train young students in schools for development of their entrepreneurial skill.
  • For internet access, cable TV network will be used for speedy connectivity.
  • Use of IT in agriculture and health.
  • Aware rural people about uses of IT.
  • Promotion of multimedia services like Fax/e-mail/Internet.
  • To lease the spare capacity of the existing fibre optic network for data transmission to internet service providers.
  • Use of intelligent network service to set up information canters.

Incentives and facilities provided to companies for setting up IT units in the Union Territory of Chandigarh:

  • Depreciation norms-It is as per Government of India policy.

ITES Policy

  • Ascent, computer and internet training specifically required for the ITES industry.
  • Exemption for the ITES industry from statutory power cuts.
  • Security and transportation for female employees.
  • Exemption of ITES industry from pollution control act regarding the use of power generation sets.

Bio Technology Policy

Towards this the following initiatives have been launched:

  • Establishing cells for research and exchange of information using computer software.
  • Setting up of Information cells on latest biotechnology trends in consultation with scientists
  • Collaboration with national institutes to identify product oriented projects.
  • Use of generic engineering to improve quality of agro-products.
  • Development of new varieties of disease resistant trees.
  • Creation of hi-tech nursery.

Incentives to units in SEZs under SEZ Policy:

The Chandigarh Administration and the SEZ Authority will provide the following facilities to units located in the SEZs:

  • Land acquisition.
  • Exclusive arrangement in and around the SEZ for maintenance of law and order.
  • Developer of SEZ is permitted to establish independent power plant.
  • Setting of SEZ management societies to carry out such activities necessary for the maintenance, supervision and control of SEZ.

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