India and the UK share a wide-ranging strategic partnership encompassing bilateral trade and investment ties, regional stability and development, as well as multilateral cooperation in areas such as security and climate change. The partnership is underpinned by a shared commitment to democracy and diversity, and propelled by a strong and influential Diaspora. The recent unveiling of the Gandhi statue in March 2015 at the Parliament Square in London was hailed as a historic moment symbolic of closer ties in the larger bilateral relationship. Trade ties, while strong and growing, have huge untapped potential. In 2010, the British and Indian Governments set a target to double bilateral trade to GBP 23 billion in 2015. In 2013, India-UK bilateral trade had reached GBP 13.2 billion and India stood as UK’s 11th largest export market and 17th largest source of imports. According to UK’s Office for National Statistics, bilateral trade in services in 2013 amounted to GBP 2.2 billion, making total bilateral trade close to GBP 15.4 billion. Achieving the set target would require a strong push to propel growth over the period of this year. The UK and India are among the largest investors and job creators in each other’s economies. The UK’s share to India’s total FDI inflows is 9% in USD terms. The UK is Indian companies’ most favoured investment destination in Europe, which have made significant investments in technology, advanced engineering and life sciences. According to a recent research conducted by Grant Thornton in collaboration with CII, 800 Indian companies employ over 120,000 people in the UK and at their subsidiaries.
CII Engagement
CII’s work in the UK focuses on:
1. India Business Forum UK: Addressing Indian industry’s interests and policy challenges and celebrating their contributions in the UK.
2. Government platforms: To meet with Government officials and align with Government initiatives and provide critical policy input into official dialogues such as India-UK Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) and other platforms.
3. Thought Leadership: Engaging stakeholders in academia and the think tank community in UK in developing thought leadership on new frontiers.
4. Sector-specific cooperation: Strengthening existing activity in strategic sectors such as technology, infrastructure and skills, as well as focusing on new and emerging sectors such as media and entertainment, sports and tourism.
5. Regional Engagement - RoadtripUK: Providing business and networking opportunities to members beyond the London metropolitan area, venturing into various regions in England, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Key Initiatives / Information
This Stakeholder Meeting organized to share lessons learned from international policy experience of various carbon markets. The Meeting focused to generate awareness about energy efficiency and trading among various stakeholders.
The CII and WMG have worked together for over a decade. The Group understands the need of Indian industry better than any other UK institution. India is fast becoming a manufacturing economy and, more it can learn from the expertise of organizations like WMG, the more competitive it will be as a country. The Group has links with many of its top engineering / manufacturing companies which include Tatas, TVS Motor, Sundaram Clayton and others and has been instrumental in helping these companies achieve global competitiveness.
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