B2B Meeting

Business-to-business (B2B) meetings are increasingly vital for enterprises aiming to navigate challenges and maintain competitiveness. These sessions facilitate essential connections between businesses, nurturing relationships and unlocking new opportunities.


1. Building Strong Relationships: B2B meetings allow businesses to establish personal connections crucial for fostering long-term partnerships. Understanding the people behind the corporate identity promotes smoother collaboration and effective teamwork.

2. Exploring Growth Opportunities: These meetings serve as invaluable platforms for discovering new products, services, and growth prospects. Engaging with industry peers enables businesses to innovate offerings and broaden their customer base.

3. Enhancing Existing Partnerships: For businesses with established alliances, B2B meetings offer opportunities to strengthen connections. Regular discussions on common goals and challenges empower partners to co-create solutions and improve business outcomes.

4. Staying Informed: B2B meetings provide a forum to stay updated on industry trends and developments. By exchanging insights with peers, businesses can proactively adapt to market shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

In today's fast-paced business environment, B2B meetings are pivotal. Prioritizing these gatherings helps businesses cultivate relationships, explore new prospects, and maintain a competitive edge. Take advantage of these benefits by scheduling your next B2B meeting today.

CII's Role:

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) operates an exclusive B2B Division that facilitates numerous meetings for Indian enterprises with both domestic and global businesses. In 2023 alone, CII facilitated over 10,000 meetings for more than 5,000 enterprises.

CII organizes flagship annual events where B2B meetings are a cornerstone:

  • CII Green Building Congress
  • CII Annual Business Summit
  • IRRE
  • IMME
  • Auto Component Show (Auto Expo)
  • AgroTech
  • State Investor Summits (MP, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh)
  • CII EXIM Bank Africa Conclave
  • CII Latin America Conclave
  • CII India Europe Conclave

Additionally, under the Sustainable Global Business Breakthrough Ecosystem (SGBBE) Project, CII collaborates with SME SUPPORT, JAPAN (SMRJ) to facilitate CEO Business Meetings between companies from India and Japan. These meetings are designed to foster increased business collaboration, establish partnerships, and enable innovation among Indian SMEs through Japanese expertise.

CII also organizes three specific CEO Business Meeting events annually under the India Japan Industry Matchmaking initiative:

  • Eco Tech
  • Innovative Industry
  • Medical Equipment

Other notable events where CII has facilitated B2B meetings include Make In India 2014, G20 India Summit 2024, Global Exhibition on Services, World Food India 2017, and Bangaluru Space Expo (BSX).

This initiative underscores CII's commitment to enhancing business connectivity and fostering growth opportunities for enterprises globally.

Indian and international enterprises interested in scheduling exclusive one-to-one meetings with key decision-makers in Indian businesses can reach out to CII's B2B Division at the following address:

B2B Division

Confederation of Indian Industry
249F, Ph-IV, Udyog Vihar
Gurugram, Haryana (122015)
T: 91 124 4014060-67
CII Helpline: 1800 103 1244

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