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Recommendations to Ensure a Safe and Secure, Women-Friendly City
The following document focuses on women and the vulnerabilities they face in their day to day lives. The Indian Women Network has come up with a set of recommendations on how women safety and security can be further improved in the capital city and make it awomen safe city. The recommendations focus on the following: * Infrastructural upgradations and modifications , especially in public spaces * Adoption of suitable technology to ensure timely interventions * Introduction of women friendly public transport systems Strengthening the law and order system * Fostering support from the general public by engaging them effectively across various levels and sections of the society including educational institutions, corporates, tourists and other stakeholders. The document has been framed with the understanding that the responsibility to ensure the safety and security of women is a joint one, involving support and coordination from all the stakeholders including the government, the police and other state departments, private organizations, the citizens and importantly, from women themselves also.

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