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IP powered and knowledge-based economy are strong drivers for business and industry - Sumita Dawra
Apr 26, 2023

“ IP powered and knowledge-based economy are strong drivers for business and industry“ says, Ms Sumita Dawra, IAS, Special Secretary, Department of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

CII has been celebrating World Intellectual Property Day (26 April), since 2009 in partnership with the Government of India, International Partners and conducting various IP Initiatives. The Global IP Convention in its journey of past 13 editions have emerged as a global platform with participation from many countries.

India holds the Presidency of G20 for 2023 and CII is the B20 Secretariat designated by the Government of India to lead this initiative. With the mandate of representing the voice of the international business community on global economic issues, it is felt that B20 must encourage a consistent and balanced adoption of national and international regulatory principles in innovative areas, particularly pertaining to the Intellectual Property Rights. Formulating a reliable Global Intellectual Property regime will play a critical role in encouraging innovation and R&D driven economic development and growth. In this context, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing 14th edition of Global Intellectual Property Convention with the theme of “Strengthening the global Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime” on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day in collaboration with the Department of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Intellectual Property Office, India (IPO) and other important Government and Institutional Partners. The convention is organized on 26-Apr-2023.

Mr Daren Tang, Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in his video message mentioned that WIPO has published the ‘IP GAP’ – a 1st of its kind IP Gender Plan to showcase the contribution of women to build inclusive IP ecosystem which works for everyone, everywhere. He stated that the new vision of IP is not limited to just being a legal right, but also as a powerful catalyst for jobs, investment, business growth and ultimately for economic and social development of all countries. He further added that it is critical to support everyone in the society to realize their innovative and creative potential.

Ms Sumita Dawra, IAS, Special Secretary, Department of Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India  highlighted the potential of IP becoming stronger with companies building on investing in their IP protection for innovations. She further added that it is imperative to connect innovation to growth by developing standards and policies for simplifying and easing the ‘sharing of technology’.

While delivering the special address Mr Masanori Katsura, Deputy Commissioner, Japan Patent Office mentioned about how India is establishing itself as a digital powerhouse with cutting edge technologies. Mr Katsura emphasized on the appropriate use of IP to further strengthen India in building new technological innovations across borders. He further added that it is important to leverage the strength of human resources including all genders to accelerate innovations.

Mr António Campinos, President, European Patent office (EPO) in his video message mentioned that the IP systems have boosted the strong innovating ecosystem for making the innovative industries continue to thrive and drive the economic growth while advancing the sustainable development goals. He further added that while the times are all time high in technology and innovations, yet the representation and involvement of women in IP fillings across geographies has remained low. He highlighted that there is a need to create an environment where opportunities are lifted, and horizons are widened with female leaders in the Innovation sector coming forward as role models for young girls to propel their technical and innovative potential and thereby satisfying the agenda of boosting women in IP.

While delivering the opening address, Mr Satish Reddy, Chairman, CII National Committee on IP and Chairman, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd mentioned that CII being the B20 Secretariat is focusing on IP harmonization amongst various countries, especially G20 countries. He further highlighted that efforts should be made in formulating strong, reliable, and responsible IP regime to promote inclusive innovation led technological breakthroughs by leveraging the opportunity of B20.

Mr R Saha, Sr Advisor, CII concluded the session by  mentioning the need of IP licensing and sharing of IPR in technological rise of the 21st century. He further thanked all the dignitaries and participants for their esteemed presence in this flagship initiative.

The convention also featured the launch of the special publication titled: IP FLASH. These are basically compiled thoughts and research of IPR experts in the form of a

publication.  The basic purpose of “IP FLASH” is to explore an opportunity for India and other member countries particularly G20 countries to collaborate with each other in this crucial area for development and growth of economies.

The one-day convention encompassed enriching session on Strengthening the global Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime, Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity, Contribution of IPR to GDP, Employment and Industry yield, Taxation of inter-country licensing of IPR, Challenges of evolving IPR laws for inventions involving high speed computing and AI.

The convention saw the presence of many luminary speakers such as, Ms Lisa Jorgenson, Deputy Director General, WIPO,     Ms Josefita Pardo de Leon, Legal Affairs Officer, WTO, Ms Roberta Romano-Götsch, Chief Sustainability Officer, European Patent Office, Dr Manisha Shridhar, Regional Advisor, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade and Health, Health Systems Department, WHO-SEARO, Prof. Pradeep Srivastava, Executive Director, TIFAC, Mr Pravin Anand, Managing Partner, Anand and Anand, Dr Masakazu Shiozawa, Director, International Cooperation Division, Japan Patent Office, Prof Dr Heinz Goddar, Patentanwalt, European and German Patent and Trademark Attorney, BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT, Dr B Dinesh Kumar, Head -IPM, Dr Reddy's Lab, Mr Blaise Fernandes, President & CEO, Indian Music Industry, Mr Andrea Goldstein, Head of India/Indonesia/Tunisia Desk, Economics Department, OECD, Dr Clovis Freire, Chief, Commodity Research and Analysis Section, Division on International Trade and Commodities, UNCTAD, Dr Anju Khanna, Director -Patents, Lall & Sethi and several others.

The event has witnessed over 200 active participants.


26 April 2023

New Delhi

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