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Need to align the National Design Policy with Vision@2047 by August 2023: Anurag Jain, Secretary, DPIIT
Nov 30, 2022

“Need to align the National Design Policy with Vision@2047 by August 2023”
says Mr Anurag Jain, Secretary, DPIIT at the 22nd India Design Summit 2022


While addressing the Inaugural Session of the 22nd India Design Summit 2022, Mr Anurag Jain, Secretary, DPIIT stated that knowledge economy, innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability are the most important pillars of Amrit Kal which will take India to the next level of growth. He further emphasized the relevance of design for infrastructure, smart cities, digital stack, emerging technologies, and startups.

Mr Jain also mentioned that as the new wave of technology has set in and with the inclusive and collaborative approach, we need to update the India Design Policy to align with Vision India@2047. He asked CII to create a group of experts to develop the New Design Policy by 15 Aug 2023.

In his address, Mr David Kusuma, President, World Design Organization highlighted that design has never been more important than today. By using the power of design, we can help people, organizations and lead the global society at large to navigate through many crises and prepare all of us for the future.

In his Inaugural Address at the summit, Mr Udayant Malhoutra, Chairman, CII National Committee on Design and CEO & Managing Director, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd stated that design is one of the most important tools for boosting socioeconomic growth, building business excellence, influencing public lives, solving complex social issues, thereby enabling transformation.

Prof Pradyumna Vyas, Senior Adviser, CII, and Former Director, NID and Board Member, WDO stated that ‘Design in India, and Made for the World’ is a great opportunity for India. The New Design Policy must integrate design with emerging technologies, big data, AI, robotics, which will also form the next growth agenda.

Design for transformation is very much in tune with the global requirements. India is poised for a very rapid transformation in design, which will be one of the key enablers for taking India to the third largest economy, said Mr Srini Srinivasan, Senator, World Design Organization.

Ms Makiko Tsumura, Board Member, World Design Organization & Director, Japan Institute of Design Promotion mentioned that promoting and encouraging design would result in a huge transformation in our daily life, industry & society.

The 22nd edition of India Design Summit was held on CII HIVE platform. Several International organizations including World Design Organisation (WDO), German Design Council, Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA) and Taiwan Design Research Institute are the Partners of the summit.

For the last 21 years, CII has been pursuing multipronged strategies for promoting and leveraging design towards sustainable economic growth in India. The yearly Design Summit features best of the Indian and International design thinkers, practitioners, and design users to deliberate on the emerging aspects of design.

This year’s theme of the summit is ‘Design for Transformation’. The summit will discuss the topics such as Design for Innovation Leadership; Role of Design Policy; Design for Sustainable Future; One District One Product; Design in India, for Defence & Aerospace. The summit will also see the felicitation of CII Design Excellence Awards 2022; CII Young Designer Awards 2022; Design Hackathon 2022 Awards and the digital design exhibition.


30 November 2022

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