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"We must recognize the imperative of evolving into a nation that which not only embraces design but is also a custodian of its intellectual property over time" says S. Krishnan
Dec 14, 2023

“We must recognize the imperative of evolving into a nation that which not only embraces design but is also a custodian of its intellectual property over time” says Shri S. Krishnan, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology Government of India


“We live in the age of deep and superspecial specialization; we should look design as a movement with theme of Design – by the people and for the people” says Ms Mugdha Sinha, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Government of India

The 23rd edition of CII India Design Summit & Awards was held at New Delhi today. The theme of the summit is “Design from Handicraft to Spacecraft” and it unfolded with a captivating lineup of distinguished speakers, groundbreaking reports, and a grand unveiling of "India Design Platform". The launch of the CII India Design Platform marks a pivotal moment in the realm of design movement in India.           

In his special address, Shri S. Krishnan, Secretary Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology Government of India emphasized on the need of design and creativity for the country. He said that there may not be many people who have access to the adaptability of digital media, and system design is the only way to connect the people with digital. This transformation he has termed as ‘Digital by Design’. Mr Krishnan highlighted that the paramount role of design to play in myriad of areas, underscoring its notably absent presence in the realm of electronics. He further emphasized to realise the importance of the country Design. Mr Krishna applauded the concentration of chip designing in the country but underscored the critical importance of the way design is executed for success, asserting that it fundamentally revolves around quality and sustainability.

Ms Mugdha Sinha, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture Government of India asserted that design, as a multifaceted discipline, extends beyond boundaries and is integral to the creative economy. She emphasized on the convergence of thought leadership and creative innovations, in navigating the paradoxical age of deep specialization by advocating for macro perspective. She also mentioned that Design is amalgamation of art, science, craft, policy making & also industrial design. She also said that design is deemed crucial in addressing the integration of industry and academia and enable a return to the roots to establish benchmarks and foster product and process integration.

Prof Pradyumna Vyas, Senior Advisor, CII President-Elect – World Design Organization (WDO), Former Director – National Institute of Design (NID) Former Member Secretary- India Design Council (IDC) in his address framed the narrative for the ensuing discussions and highlighted the cultural foundation of design. Prof Vyas underscored the dynamic nature of design, and emphasized on how each generation contributes and builds upon traditional knowledge, propelling it to new heights. Prof Vyas stressed the significance of integrating digital infrastructure and digital inclusion into design policies, ensuring responsible and beneficial use of technology amid its rapid evolution. Acknowledging global challenges such as migration and environmental issues, Prof Vyas advocated for systematic solutions through design thinking.

Dr. Udayant Malhoutra, Chairman, CII National Committee on Design Innovation (2023-24) and CEO & Managing Director Dynamatic Technologies Ltd, illuminated the incredible opportunity of digital fusion in design and craftsmanship, laying the foundation for a discourse around the theme 'Handicraft to Spacecraft'. In his closing remarks at the 23rd India Design Summit, he affirmed that design serves as the linchpin for innovation, societal connectivity, and sustainable progress in the dynamic landscape of our interconnected world.

The Design summit also witnessed the release of two important thought leadership reports:

CII-BCG report on ‘Designing the Future: Leveraging Global Perspectives to Elevate India's National Design Policy’ - Delving into the integration of global perspectives to elevate India's National Design Policy, this report provides a roadmap for the future of design in the country.

CII-NIDMP report on ‘Design Education imperatives in India - Focusing on the essential components of design education, this report outlines imperatives that will drive excellence in design education across India.

Another key highlight of the Summit was the launch of the “India Design Platform” to showcase the brilliance of Indian design and designers. This platform promises to be the epicentre for innovation, creativity, and collaboration within the design community.

The day-long conference will witness the series of engaging discussions by industry and Government stalwarts on various topics revolving around Design Policy, Design for Circular Economy, Design in the era of Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Tech, Impact for Design Education, Designing for Aerospace and Defence solutions. The 13th edition of CII Design Excellence Awards and 3rd CII Young Design Awards are also been conferred to organizations acknowledging the prowess of Indian design, and innovation.


14 December 2023

New Delhi

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