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Plenary Session 15: "ESG for Business Resilience: A Revolutionary Approach"

Businesses today operate in a very complex and a dynamic environment driven by technology disruptions, climate imperatives, consumer and civil society expectations, and global competition. Embracing ESG can help businesses navigate these complexities better. The session will deliberate on how incorporating ESG practices can help identify risks to businesses and also help strategize their mitigation, building resilience into their businesses. Panelists:

 Marcelo Behar, Vice President-Sustainability & Group Affairs, Natura & Co, Brazil

 Kamran Khan, Managing Director and Head of ESG for Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank Group, Singapore

 Linda Kromjong, President, amfori, Belgium

 Abdulrahman Al Fageeh-Al, Chief Executive Officer, SABIC, Saudi Arabia

 Jennifer Westacott AO, Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia and Chancellor, Western Sydney University, Australia Moderator: Sanjiv Puri, Chairman & Managing Director, ITC Ltd, India

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