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South Asia Power Summit

Video of South Asia Power Summit organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with Ministry of Power on the theme ‘Moving Towards Sustainable Energy Security’ on 21 October 2021.

South Asia region has witnessed a growing imbalance between energy demand and its supply from indigenous sources. A greater cooperation within South Asia backed by strong policy interventions, integrated transmission lines and promotion of power trading, will not only ensure energy security but also open-up immense business and investment opportunities within the region.

The Conference brought together eminent stakeholders including Policy Makers, Industry leaders, Power Producers, Infrastructure developers, Service Providers, Power Trading Companies, etc. to deliberate and chart out a course of actions for further strengthening the cooperate to ensure energy security for the region.

The focus of conference was on following:

1. Integrating BBIN in the Post Covid Era: Challenges and Opportunity

2. Strategizing for Enhancing Cross Border Power trade in Changing Power Market Scenario

3. Promoting trade on Power Exchanges in BBIN: Issues and Intervention Required

4. Enhancing Hydropower in BBIN for Balancing and Trading.

Duration of the Video is 1 hour 52 minute 25 seconds.

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