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26 November 2021

Reimagining Growth- Ideas for School Education ft Kris Gopalakrishnan & Dr Karthik Muralidharan

Dr. Karthik Muralidharan talks about the ways to revive the education sector as the world recovers from the impact of the pandemic. Tata Chancellor's Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego is in conversation with Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chairman of CII Digital Council, Chairman of CII CoE for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups and Past President, CII. What steps need to be taken to lay the foundations for a better, more resilient and equitable education system?

19 November 2021

Powering India’s Future Growth ft Anil Sardana

Anil Sardana talks about the steps to expand India’s power capacity. Co-Chair of CII’s National Infrastructure Council and Managing Director & CEO of Adani Transmission is in conversation with Renuka Singh, Senior Consultant, CII. As the country grows, what are the opportunities in India’s power sector? How are Indian businesses preparing to reduce their carbon footprint amid the disruption in the power space arising from the climate change imperative?

12 November 2021

India's New Infrastructure Strategy ft Vinayak Chatterjee

Vinayak Chatterjee discusses the way to revolutionise the next generation of multimodal infrastructure development in the country. Chairman of CII's National Council on Infrastructure and Infrastructure Sector Expert is in conversation with Pranjal Sharma, Author and Columnist. What is the new deal for India’s infrastructure sector? What can be done to really make infrastructure the engine of growth for the Indian economy?

05 November 2021

COP26 and Climate Action ft T V Narendran

T V Narendran discusses the ways to address the global climate emergency. President, CII and Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Tata Steel is in conversation with Pranjal Sharma, Author and Columnist. Why should climate action be the top priority for India? What role can the Indian Industry play in mainstreaming climate action and building a climate-resilient future?

29 October 2021

Industry Partnership for Nutrition Outcomes ft Vinita Bali

Vinita Bali discusses healthy, sustainable and nutritious foods to improve public health outcomes. How can the private sector, development agencies, NGOs, bilateral & multilateral agencies, and local, state and central governments work together to ensure better nutrition for all? The Chairman of the CII National Nutrition Committee and Independent Director & Strategy Adviser is in conversation with Pranjal Sharma, Author and Columnist.

22 October 2021

Next Steps for Manufacturing ft Vikram S Kirloskar

Vikram S Kirloskar talks about the ways to revive India’s manufacturing sector as lockdown restrictions ease across the country. Chairman of CII National Manufacturing Council and Chairman & Managing Director of Kirloskar Systems Ltd. and the Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd is in conversation with Vivian Fernandes, Senior Journalist. What are the steps to be taken to expedite the recovery of the manufacturing sector? How shall we move forward with the goal of $5 Trillion economy by 2025 in focus?

08 October 2021

Climate Change Imperative: Opportunities for Businesses ft Jamshyd N Godrej

Jamshyd N Godrej talks about meeting the country’s sustainable development goals by reducing carbon emissions and adopting green practices. Chairman of CII Climate Change Council and Chairman & Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd, is in conversation with Vivian Fernandes, Senior Journalist & Columnist. How is climate change affecting businesses, and how can we turn these challenges into opportunities for businesses?

01 October 2021

MSME Competitiveness Boosters ft Shreekant Somany

Shreekant Somany sheds light on the ways to restore the MSME sector in India and make it more competitive. The Chairman of CII National MSME Council and CMD, Somany Ceramics Ltd, is in conversation with Vivian Fernandes, Senior Journalist & Columnist. Can MSMEs play a significant role in enhancing productivity and reducing dependency on imports?

24 September 2021

The Future of Digital Transformation ft Kris Gopalakrishnan

Kris Gopalakrishnan deconstructs the digital revolution and what it offers for India. The Chairman of CII Digital Council, Chairman of CII CoE for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups and Past President, CII, is in conversation with Pranjal Sharma, author & columnist, to unpack how emerging technologies are unveiling new opportunities for India.

17 September 2021

The Road Ahead for Contact-Intensive Sectors ft Puneet Chhatwal

Puneet Chhatwal, Chairman, CII National Committee on Tourism and Hospitality and MD and CEO of the Indian Hotels Company Limited, talks about the future of the Indian travel and hospitality industry amid the challenges imposed by the pandemic, in conversation with Vivian Fernandes. Is there a tough road ahead for revival of this sector?

10 September 2021

India@75 and Beyond ft T V Narendran & Rajan Navani

CII President TV Narendran highlights the role of Indian businesses in building trust with the communities they are a part of, in a candid conversation with Rajan Navani, Chair, CII India@75 Council.

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7 September 2021

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